Personal Transformation and Mindful Leadership Coach

Go Within! Start Your Inner Journey

Personal Transformation and Mindful Leadership Coach

Go Within! Start Your Inner Journey

Live the Life You Love and Deserve – It’s all Waiting for You.

Are you looking for a balance in life irrespective of uncertainties of life?

Do you feel sensitive and miserable on other people’s behavior and let other people affect your peace of mind and self-esteem?

Do you find yourself vulnerable giving your power away while dealing with difficult people at work or in your personal life?

Do you find it difficult to feel positive over disappointments?

Do you let other people define you?

Do you feel somehow disconnected?

In spite of this digital age of greater connection, you still feel like something is missing?

Do you secretly struggle with constant anxiety and unease because on paper you have a great life, yet internally you’re not content?

Are you seeking something outside of yourself – going after bigger goals, chasing the next deal and creating a state of busyness? When all this is really doing is filling the void, dulling your senses and locking out peace?



You are the creator of your life but not in the way you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Change from the inside, for everything to change from the outside.

I bring the transformational power of Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching and Meditation to private individuals, groups, corporate organizations, and schools.

Attune. Align. Awaken.

Private One to One Coaching for Individuals and Groups:

Attune, Align and Awaken to your Spiritual Evolution.

Do you desire with all your heart to connect with your higher self, your purpose, raise your energy and consciousness?

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.  We must learn to see the world anew.” Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einstein’s scientific theories transformed the world’s understanding of the universe and its workings.  These words born from his own personal experience enabled him to explore both science and life itself.

Einstein demonstrated the impact that can be made when we raise our consciousness to allow ourselves to view alternative perspectives and imagine greater possibilities.

Your journey, as you work with me, will open up your perspectives and possibilities as you attune to your truth, align with your spiritual self/ higher consciousness and awaken to the unlimited potential and possibilities.

Your life will change as you change.

Operating from a level of Higher Consciousness also allows you access to Infinite Intelligence.

Our Approach

Our personal and professional coaching is non-traditional and they are not confined to any religion. We apply universal spiritual principles that resonate with everyone regardless of their faith or beliefs. 

These spiritual laws bring you closer to your authentic self and help you understand yourself, others, and situations. It also enables you to apply practical spirituality in your daily life to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Who Are These Programs For?

Individuals & Executives

Corporate Organizations

How you’ll benefit?

I’ll work with you over 3-6 months dependent on your individual requirements and specific needs

What you can expect from working with me as your Holistic Spiritual Life Coach:

You will become the creator of your life rather than the reactor
You will learn to make empowered decisions that strengthen your bond with yourself and others
You’ll discover the art of maintaining peace even when surrounded by chaos.
You’ll deepen your understanding of what life and the Universe is all about.
You will have clarity, focus and direction and follow your own guidance towards happiness, harmony and wholeness.
You’ll be connected to your inner peace and divine wisdom, enabling you to handle any physical, mental and emotional issues that arise.
You’ll feel back in the driving seat of your life and taking responsibility, creating from a place of higher potential and possibility.
You’ll start living your highest and best life NOW!

Before I started coaching I had a lot of anxiety and stress-related to my job. I had a very negative perception and it was hard to get tasks done. I was not thinking clearly about my future and thought that I could possibly stay in my role regardless of being unhappy.


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I am less judgemental of myself.
I am not bullying myself as much.
My water, my food and my time is my healing.
It’s ok not to know – you can say ” Now I Know”.

What progress am I most proud of?
That I am accepting my thoughts and experiences ... Read More


I know myself better. I learned to identify my strengths and skills. I know my worth. I understand my environment better. I feel more confident about what I bring to my workplace. I feel a sense of belonging or fitting within my group. All these changes have allowed me ...

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My awareness has increased. I enjoy life more. I stress over the little things less – or if I do stress about them, it is for less time.

First and foremost, I am most proud of choosing a coach that I probably would not have chosen even a few years ago. It was the most...

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From being reactive, jumping from task to task without thinking to be able to step back and be more prepared (both mentally and physically). I am now able to recognize my personal state and adapt accordingly.

Being able to institute a “moment of peace” befor...

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The biggest difference is that I have way more confidence in my skills and know my self-worth. Heather coming into the picture shook that for me, and I had been feeling like I wasn’t good enough or spinning stories in my head that I wasn’t valued. I know now that I ...

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I have a better understanding of where I want to go with personal development. I feel more confident, have a better perspective and I feel good about my journey.

I feel really good about my work/life balance as I was known as a workaholic, always available, putting work ...

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How is my life different from when I started coaching?
Conscious focus on ways to mitigate stress- meditation (prayer is saying, meditation is listening), exercising, time alone for reflection, more time going to church & sleep
Centering myself- make a plan & pu... Read More


How is my life different from when I started coaching?
More confident at work
much less stress and agony over everyday work
more confident about my own skills
Acknowledging and understanding that I will always want more, try to reflect on where I was and how far I’... Read More


Our last session was very productive and helpful for my energy levels and mental health while working on the job. January is an extremely busy month with my full-time job so it is easy for me to feel stressed out, overwhelmed and tired with little energy to dedicate to ...

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It has truly been life-changing to work with Vibha as a professional coach.

There are too many things to choose from to select just one… developing a vision, personal transformation, self-awareness, transformation within my whole family, overall sense of well-being,...

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Working with Vibha is such a positive experience.
I am more in control of my emotions, more self-aware more mindful and more confident than n myself.
I am most proud of removing my self-doubt blinders to see my life as others see it without fear.
A meaningful ‘aha’ ... Read More


I have changed in so many ways working with Vibha. The biggest difference is that I have way more confidence in my skills and know my self-worth. New Manager coming into the picture shook that for me, and I had been feeling like I wasn’t good enough or spinning storie...

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Monisha K North Western Mutual
Monisha K

“ I had a lot of anxiety when it came to interacting with my boss. I would feel physically ill before a meeting with him due to his aggressive and demanding nature. I would feel constantly defensive and felt unable to support my thoughts and ideas when talking to him....

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Carolyn Senior Line Manager, Mars Inc.

“Going home and spending time with my mom was always a challenge for me and I was anxious. This time I was taking my boyfriend home for the first time to introduce him to my family. And my boyfriend was taking me to his family the first time and I wanted everythin...

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Caitlin B. Sr. Director Learning and Development, Liveintent
Caitlin B. Sr. Director

“These are my wins based on our coaching:

Self: I believe I exceeded expectations for the Self leader mindset in large part to the coaching experience, which has been transformative in making me a better leader and Boxer.

Holds self-accountable

Better preparation ...

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Kim, Vice-president Solution Engineering, Box
Kim, Vice-president

“Vibha has been an excellent coach for me. She has met me where I am without judgement. During our session she creates a sacred space for me so that I am comfortable enough to share. With her metaphysical background she is able to inspire me and help to move me forwar...

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Naomi J. Alexander Member Success Leader, Credit Karma
Naomi J. Alexander

“Vibha Sharma has a very calming and relaxing voice and her coaching skills are effective and so needed. She also has a deep knowledge of spirituality/metaphysics and her meditation coaching sessions have helped me focus and quiet my mind. I particularly like the Self ...

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Sofia Pacifico Reis Social Media Strategic Coach
Sofia Pacifico Reis

“I am frankly surprised I’ve made it as far as I have without the concepts and tools I’ve been learning and practicing with Vibha. 

I’ve added thousands of hours of worry, anxiety, concern, frustration, upset, and preparation to my journey. I’ve lost hundreds...

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S. Brown Sr. VP. Warner Media
S. Brown

By working with Vibha:

I am more in control of my emotions – trying not to get perturbed by everyday issues at work (acting with maturity) – gaining more confidence in dealing with difficult people and situations – thinking more clearly and coming u...

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R. Barlette Sr VP Software Engineering, Paycheck
R. Barlette

How We Do It

Regardless of your daily schedules, you are covered.
Our coaching programs are value-filled and are available both in:

One-on-one coaching sessions
Group coaching sessions

Why This Program Is For You?

There are numerous physical, emotional, mental, and psychological benefits of our coaching. 

Personal Transformation Coaching:

What You Will Achieve:

Your relationships will instantly improve because you are more sensitive to other people.

Minds are free to be quicker and more creative.

You will be less susceptible to falling into negative states.

You will make better decisions because you’ll be able to see situations more clearly.

Your overall health improves because you’ll have less tension and make better life decisions.

Become the creator of your life rather than the reactor and learn to make empowered decisions that strengthen your bond with yourself and others.

Discover the art of maintaining peace even when surrounded by chaos.

Deepen your understanding of what life and the Universe are all about.

Get clarity, focus, and direction whilst following your own guidance towards happiness, harmony, and wholeness.

Connect to your inner peace and divine wisdom to be able to handle any physical, mental and emotional issues that may arise.

Get back in the driving seat of your life taking responsibility and creating from a place of higher potential and possibility.


Start living your highest and best life NOW!

Knowing and understanding your true self is at the core of self-improvement. Through our programs, we help you achieve personal transformation. These include

  • Finding your true meaning and purpose in life
  • Caring and making connections with self and others 
  • Raised Self-awareness and insight: Knowing own strengths & weaknesses
  • Alignment of Passions and values 
  • Heightened development and performance 
  • Personal strength 

Conscious Business Coaching

Mindful leadership 

Do you want to focus on improving key skills that relate to the organization, planning, trusting others (in a work setting), synthesizing information that is unclear/ambiguous and ability to adapt to change?

Do you want to explore how to adjust your own thoughts of self-doubt and emotions when you feel professionally “attacked”?

Do you want to achieve the ability to work at a higher level by learning macro-level thinking and delegation?

Do you want to identify and leverage your strengths and work on potential strengths to achieve your goals?

Do you want to be a better leader and learn to trust, empower and coach others?

Would you like to develop both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills?

Would you like to be able to have more productive but difficult and honest conversations with your team, peers, your boss?

Would you like to markedly improve your Executive Presence?

Would you like to feel more confident all the way around?

Do you want to show more of yourself, have less fear expressing yourself in interactions with senior executives?

Do you want help identifying and addressing limiting beliefs that may be holding back your career progress?


Do you experience any of these in your workplace?

  • Lack of psychological safety
  • Inability to be your authentic self at work
  • Distraction or burn-out
  • Don’t feel respected or valued for your unique contribution
  • Conflict in the workplace
  • Dysfunctional interactions
  • Insufficient inspiration or fulfillment
  • Want more recognition from their boss and management
  • Want more influence over their team members
  • Don’t know how to promote themselves at work in general

Creating a transformational mindset – mentoring sessions for leaders and teams

Various Common Coaching topics but not limited to:

  • Emotional Regulation, Focus, Self-compassion, Confidence
  • Meditation, Self-Doubt, Relationships
  • Productivity, Presentation Skills, Parenting
  • Mindful Leadership, Coaching, Self-awareness,
  • Mindfulness, Mindset, Anxiety, Crucial conversations
  • Clarity, Direction, Conflict management, and Alignment within the teams
  • Healing from Grief, Limiting beliefs, Parenting
  • Stress management, work-life balance, Self-care, Executive presence
  • Conflict resolution and boredom at work
  • Decision making, Understanding habits
  • Teams, Performance, Neuroscience backed visualizations/EFT

Mindful Leadership Coaching

There are two ways of working with me:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Group Coaching

Learn: Executive Presence| Influence | Cohesive Teams| Clarity & Focus

In coaching, with a collaborative process, clients report improved stress management, calmness, executive presence, being more centered, mitigation of self-doubt, confidence, worthiness, growing mindfulness, and better sleep. They develop more social intelligence and empathy to assist with navigating difficult but needed conversations on personal as well as professional fronts.

Develop self-awareness, self-compassion, emotional regulation, and rise above the stress, conflict, fear, doubt & limitations by changing the way you function on a deeper level!

Through our mindful Leadership Coaching, we help individuals and executives transform attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to create significant personal and professional changes.

This coaching helps you achieve the following:

  • Improved relationships 
  • Enhanced learning
  • Emotional  Intelligence
  • Use of intuition & wisdom
  • Complex & abstract thinking 
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Integration of subjective & objective thinking

Professional Coaching

Mindful Leadership Coaching Bundles

Guided Meditations

Through guided meditation, your overall well-being, self-acceptance, and mental capacity are improved. It helps you achieve the following:

  • Positive self-image & self-esteem
  • Congruence between values & behavior
  • Enhanced learning
  • Emotional  Intelligence
  • Capacity to care & connect
  • Capacity to see other perspectives & development of self and others
  • Alignment of passions & Values
  • Expression of universal values
  • Richer and fulfilling life

Investment: $24.99 per month Or an Annual offer of $249.90

Choose Your Payment Plan Below

Cosmicways Guided Meditations

Cosmicways Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation is essentially using the power of the imagination to address and alter energy present in you – such as repressed frustration, sadness, or tension. The power of the mind is such that working through tensions in the imaginative realm yields real-life changes. As you imagine the happiest moment of your life, your brain reacts by increasing serotonin production. Your imagination literally changed the physical world! Guided meditation operates on this principle, that you can truly stop reacting to your reactions – and you can dictate how you want to live!

Learn More

With thousands of hours spent on coaching individuals and executives and helping them become their best, we want to extend these transformations to you too.

Ready to kick start your personal transformation journey or with your organization?

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