Unlocking Harmony and Happiness

In a condensed essay, Emmet Fox presents a practical recipe for getting out of trouble, emphasizing the need for practical work in consciousness. By reading “The Golden Key” multiple times and following its instructions persistently, you can overcome any difficulty.

Prayer becomes the golden key to harmony and happiness, enabling you to navigate any challenge. The power of scientific prayer lies in letting God work, making your limitations irrelevant. The inspired teaching asserts that every individual holds this power, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Embrace simplicity in the method: stop thinking about the difficulty and focus on God. This rule, straightforward yet powerful, guarantees that the trouble will disappear. Whether it’s a health issue, financial concern, lawsuit, or any imaginable problem, redirect your thoughts to God.

The method involves working by rehearsing what you know about God, focusing on attributes like Wisdom, Truth, and Love. The key is to shift your consciousness from the difficulty to God, allowing the divine action to take place. Stop glancing over your shoulder at the trouble’s progress; solely concentrate on God.

The core principle is to drive the thought of difficulty out of your consciousness by contemplating the spiritual world. If absorbed in the consideration of the divine for a brief moment, you’ll find yourself safely out of the difficulty, proving the effectiveness of the Golden Key.

To apply the Golden Key to troublesome people or situations, replace thoughts of the person or problem with thoughts of God. By doing so, you influence the situation positively, causing no harm but potentially transforming the person involved.

Though simple, the Golden Key may be challenging to turn, especially when worried or frightened. Repeat statements of absolute Truth, such as “There is no power but God” or “God is with me,” to shift your focus. Avoid outlining the solution or questioning ways and means; leave it to God.

The Golden Key, as presented by Emmet Fox, is a simple yet potent tool for achieving harmony and happiness, proving that turning to God in prayer is the key to overcoming life’s challenges.

“Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

 –Emmet Fox


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