From being reactive, jumping from task to task without thinking to be able to step back and be more prepared (both mentally and physically). I am now able to recognize my personal state and adapt accordingly. Being able to institute a "moment of peace" before my meetings - 5 mins of no talking or thinking, just clearing my mind and readjusting posture so all participants can be in a relaxed state before talking. Taking mediation/breathing break in between tasks. Understand I need time to transition from one thing to another. Getting a 5-minute head start won't really help, but taking 5 minutes to get extra clarity and mental preparedness helps much more. Being grateful for the things I have accomplished, vs spending all the time worrying about the things I still have not completed yet. Recognizing I need to "be" in addition to "do". I work on a lot of things, but I use to not evaluate whether that was the best. Recognize that before embarking on a complicated task, I need to be mentally and physically prepared so I am in the best state to handle what is coming. What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain? Continue to do breathing exercises Listen to my body more Be able to recognize I am stressed and need to de-escalate Be able to recognize negative energy is being generated, and either stop that or turn it into positive energy Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete? I don't really know what I don't know. When I started the journey, I kind of laid out all the cards on the table, and Vibha was able to pick out the things I need to work on and point me in the right direction Being able to accept and act on feedback is going to be the next step for me Is there anything I might regret not bringing up in the remaining time? I don't think so. Personal wellness is a long journey, and every one is unique. I think having someone guide you and point things out is a good start, and it will be something I can continue to work on and improve once I identify areas of improvement