S. Brown
Sr. VP. Warner Media
“I am frankly surprised I’ve made it as far as I have without the concepts and tools I’ve been learning and practicing with Vibha.  I’ve added thousands of hours of worry, anxiety, concern, frustration, upset, and preparation to my journey. I’ve lost hundreds of hours of sleep, I’ve had unnecessary disagreements (both at work and at home) struggling to change others to my way.  I’ve added volumes of unneeded and controlling negativity, my inability to accept myself for who I am, my inability to accept others for who they were. All this time I could have invited in and allowed the possibility of a greater and (simultaneously) easier outcome.  I could have been in FLOW. If I’d had the tools Vibha has shown me in my toolkit from day 1, I am fully confident I’d be more successful now.  I’d have better relationships both at work and with my beloved family.  I’d have been happier living the moments I’ve lived, instead of always concerned about the moments to come.  I’d have a higher title.  I’d be making more money. I’d have added more value in my life to others – both personal relationships and job relationships.  Life would have been easier for me, I’D HAVE ENJOYED MY LIFE MORE.  I am focused on feeling grateful and lucky to know about these principles now. To be looking at my life differently going forward. I am extremely blessed. Thanks Vibha!”