Sofia Reis
Transition Coach & Group Program Trainer
I've just had one of the best experiences of my life with Vibha's Regression hypnosis session, so much so that it's super hard to put it into words.
Vibha made me feel totally comfortable at the beginning of the session, guiding me through visuals and her soothing voice. I came to the session with an open mind and a willingness to uncover my deepest doubts and insecurities. I understand now that in order to dig deep into what is blocking you from moving forwards, I need to look back in the past hence the necessary "Regression".
My creativity was stagnant and hidden but with the help of this hypnosis session, it started to little by little resurface. It wasn't instantaneous... it never is.
However patiently and some months after I started to get a sense of what was missing within me. I started to see the messages being more clear and getting more clarity on my life purpose. It is transformational and I Recommend Vibha's coaching practice to anyone that feels stuck in life or perhaps can't see a way out of their current state of being.
Thank you my darling for all that you do for the world. You are impacting lives every day.