Sofia Pacifico Reis
Social Media Strategic Coach
“Vibha Sharma has a very calming and relaxing voice and her coaching skills are effective and so needed. She also has a deep knowledge of spirituality/metaphysics and her meditation coaching sessions have helped me focus and quiet my mind. I particularly like the Self Cleansing Chakras meditation which I do just before going to bed ( as well as 2-3-5 Minutes Mini Meditations which I do every time I have to present or speak in public. I also approached Vibha when my son was having some struggles concentrating at school, especially around test times and I was desperately looking for a solution. Fortunately, Vibha has customized a series of audio meditations for my son to help him calm his nerves. He immediately saw (and me too) a change in his state of mind and behavior at school. I highly recommend Vibha's coaching methods not just for adults but for children too. Thank you so much for all you do Vibha."