The biggest difference is that I have way more confidence in my skills and know my self-worth. Heather coming into the picture shook that for me, and I had been feeling like I wasn’t good enough or spinning stories in my head that I wasn’t valued. I know now that I bring unique skills to the table and that other person cannot do what I do. I have nearly stopped spinning stories in my head about what other people are thinking/saying. I don’t preoccupy myself with that as much. I confronted my manager about her micromanagement. Being that frank with someone and coming out on the other side helped us build trust in our relationship, and she gave me more freedom going forward. I don’t want to be a confrontational person, but I do not want to be fearful of having to confront someone. I’m about to go through potentially starting something new or asking for more at work, and I would love to see what might pop up there. How to present my best foot forward to this new company.