How is my life different from when I started coaching? - Conscious focus on ways to mitigate stress- meditation (prayer is saying, meditation is listening), exercising, time alone for reflection, more time going to church & sleep - Centering myself- make a plan & put it on paper - Make time for me to recharge- Hallow catholic meditation app & attending daily mass What progress am I most proud of? 1. Being more mindful & helping my kids centre themselves while focusing on their strengths & blessings, focusing on thanking people & surprising others with kindness 2. How I handled the discontinuation of OBP as an opportunity and recognized the team for work well done (Bamboo tree story)- ultimately this resulted in a career opportunity I had never considered before in global product supply & the best possible outcome for my team 3. 4.5/5 stars on overall assessment & likelihood to recommend my Owning Your Career Workshop, follow-up workshop & national program request 4. Received Top Performer Award for 2020 (only 1-2% of employees get this recognition) 5. Completing strengths training with kids 6. Compensation assessment with HR 7. Completely unplugged during Christmas break What were the most meaningful "aha" moments? - Assessment that revealed coaching was my biggest strength- thinking about my perfect role and how I could use this strength while also dreaming big - Doing nothing is the greatest activity; Meditation is not about doing anything, it's about undoing everything - Authenticity has power - Perfect Role Activity & 1:1 feedback from leaders & people that know me outside of work - Never think that you aren't ready yet to be a coach: Either you have it or you don't- you make a difference in other people's lives - Byron Katie's activity- Is this true? Is this really true? What are your current perceptions? What's bothering you? - Determining a PhD would likely distract more than it would help - You need to stop trying to figure out things- need to be in a place where you can access universal intelligence- don't try to make things happen - Radiate love, don't absorb negativity- pray for God to help guide you - Practice more acceptance- love people with all of their flaws & shortcomings - Wherever you are focusing your attention, your energy is flowing - We are becoming human doings not human beings - Think about what you want to create in your life & go to sleep - Depression is a lack of expression -express- cook, paint, be quiet & listen to your soul -reflect on things you have done -contemplation is the greatest activity- all inventions happen because of contemplation (#1 step to create anything) What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain? - Meditation, exercise, unplugging for family time - Continuing to coach others through 1:1 mentoring, workshops, sports & community activities - Deep breathing activities - Releasing you from making me feel_______ I will let you go the way you want to be________ I will release my expectation Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete? - Moving into a global & a people management role without having Vibha as a consultant scares me - Having help & an outside perspective personally is also a concern, but we’ll connect again :)