It has truly been life-changing to work with Vibha as a professional coach. There are too many things to choose from to select just one… developing a vision, personal transformation, self-awareness, transformation within my whole family, overall sense of well-being, goal to attain self-enlightenment, and productivity and clarity in my professional life and career path. What were the most meaningful "aha" moments?
  • Bringing energy to myself
  • How to handle stress
  • Removing ego from interactions
  • Experiencing oneness
  • Hearing the low continuous sound of AUM during meditation
  • Connecting with and supporting my father through important transitions
  • Putting people first before achievements, especially in work-life
What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?
  • Daily meditation and building life energy
  • Achieving purpose aligned with divine plans
  • Continuing to maintain a family connection
Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?
  • No. I feel fortunate that I was able to have more than a full year of coaching from Vibha.
  • Vibha's guidance and answers to my many questions always provided me with more food for thought than I could digest during our sessions.
Is there anything I might regret not bringing up in the remaining time?
  • No. I was sure to bring up all the questions I had during coaching.
This was an amazing and enlightening experience for me. I learned and grew much more than I had ever anticipated. Vibha answered questions I did not realize I had. For that, I am immensely grateful. This was truly a life-altering experience that I am forever changed by for the better! Thank you so much Vibha!! Your legacy will live on through me.