Kim, Vice-president
Solution Engineering, Box
"These are my wins based on our coaching: Self: I believe I exceeded expectations for the Self leader mindset in large part to the coaching experience, which has been transformative in making me a better leader and Boxer. Holds self-accountable Better preparation for internal and external conversations allows me to anticipate objections, pivot quickly, control emotional reactions and ultimately be more likely to achieve my goals Champions new ideas and learning with a growth mindset Active participant and learner in Tom's XLT SE Summit CFO activities/bingo - "what can I do better to make this work next time?" Presents as open to feedback Weekly coaching has helped me identify areas of opportunity and improve on them, including: Delegate to empower my team Control my time to prioritize where I can have the most impact (I can't be everywhere) Rest and recharge with the team's help  Consistently sets and attains long term goals Weekly coaching has helped me set goals around executive presence, work/life balance, and focusing on solving problems that are "mine to solve"