Our last session was very productive and helpful for my energy levels and mental health while working on the job. January is an extremely busy month with my full-time job so it is easy for me to feel stressed out, overwhelmed and tired with little energy to dedicate to my second job. Instead of focusing on getting ALL of the things I want to get done for my second job done every day, I really have been focusing on my energy levels and doing things when my energy feels positive. Now, this doesn't mean that I can put all of my tasks on the back-burner, it just means that I am more aware of how I am feeling when I am doing them which has made a difference so far. I have felt more inspired to keep showing up for myself, which in turn helps me inspire others and get more creative with what I am posting about. I wrote down this phrase from our session last week and I think I need to make it into a permanent sign! " Because I enjoy this and sharing about it, it does not work! The more I detach myself from the outcome, the more positive my energy will become and the easier it will be for me to attract new clients.