My awareness has increased. I enjoy life more. I stress over the little things less – or if I do stress about them, it is for less time. First and foremost, I am most proud of choosing a coach that I probably would not have chosen even a few years ago. It was the most perfect fit for me and am so grateful for Vibha. She provides such wisdom, and I am proud that I took action no matter how big or small. In addition, I was much more open than I ever have been with anyone outside of the family. What were the most meaningful "aha" moments? (1) Do your best. (2) The energy in which you do things is so very important. (3) Add your own flavour to things – that is your superpower. (4) Stay in your power. What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain? All of the items were noted in the previous question along with staying in the ‘neutral’. Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete? I would love to continue. It feels incomplete because it is – there is no destination and this is always needed. Is there anything I might regret not bringing up in the remaining time? No.