Nicky. B.
Sr. Director, JLL
Over the last several weeks, I've been drastically able to develop in my professional area. I've been able to feel comfortable and confident with the implicit authority my role has. I've been able to be seen as a strong leader throughout the organization. I've been able to establish more connections with my peers which has enabled more trust. I've also developed a more positive relationship with my boss. I no longer am worried about his criticism but rather welcome it and doing so, have received more praise for my performance than before. I've been able to better regulate my emotions as it relates to self-compassion and stress. I have solid tactics to use to combat these feelings and still stay productive and confident. I've also improved in organization and planning so I don't feel overwhelmed by constantly changing project scopes and timelines. Lastly, I feel very more in tune with my strengths and weakness than ever before. I've been able to realize how some strengths can be over-used and how I can better balance all the skills I have to utilize.