Erika. B.
Sr. Manager, North Western Mutual
I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with my coach Vibha each week. I appreciate that she revisits my initial coaching goal statement (from weeks ago) to keep me focused on pursuing them. She is kind, supportive and extremely easy to talk to. I also value homework. The exercises are considerate of my time, which helps me to maintain my practice, instead of procrastinating and brushing it off. I've made some progress in 5 sessions. I've begun to understand a couple of things more clearly - and because my awareness has been raised I know continued sessions and practice will help me dig even deeper to adjust my behavior: 1. I see more clearly that my high level of stress is somewhat due to my interpretation of the situation, and could be controlled better from within. I have begun to check myself going into and coming out of stressful meetings/encounters. I'm slowly becoming more aware of how I feel and that I can control how I feel when working with especially political or unreasonable colleagues. 2. I'm just beginning to understand why I should value honest feedback from my colleagues over the fear I feel of the criticism.