Sharon B.
I'm so pleased with our sessions! I'm extremely grateful I have the opportunity to work with you each week. I appreciate your habit of revisiting my initial coaching goal statement (from weeks ago) so I stay focused on pursuing them. You're very kind, supportive and extremely easy to talk to. I trust the confidentiality of our sessions and I look forward to seeing your smiling face each week on my tiny little phone screen. :) I also value the homework you give me. The exercises are (mostly) concise and enjoyable, and are helping me chip away at unveiling the *new* me. I know you craft the homework to make sure it's considerate of my time (uh, lack thereof), which helps me to maintain my practice - instead of procrastinating and brushing it off. With your help, I've actually made some progress in 5 short weeks/sessions. I've begun to understand a couple of things more clearly - and because my awareness has been raised I know continued sessions and practice will help me dig even deeper to adjust my behavior: I see more clearly that my high level of stress comes from within me - a lot due to my interpretation of the situation. I have begun to check myself going into and coming out of stressful meetings/encounters. It's not perfect, but I'm becoming more aware of how I feel and that I can control how I feel when working with especially political or unreasonable colleagues. Your relaxation exercises are wonderful for me - they slow me down, help me to go inside. These are the one thing I feel will help me achieve a multiple of the goals I listed - stress release, executive presence, the strength of character, trust in myself and what I have to offer, etc. Admittedly, I have much more work to do in this area - but I'm just beginning to understand why I should value honest feedback from my colleagues over the fear I feel of the criticism. I know our sessions won't last forever (sigh), but the good news is that I have already started to feel some confidence in being able to continue my intra-personal growth on my own once we're done. I've taken notes on all of our sessions and exercises and hold those with me. For now, I look very forward to the rest of our sessions and am hopeful for the production of much more growth and peace. Thank you, Vibha!