R. Barlette
Sr VP Software Engineering, Paycheck
By working with Vibha: I am more in control of my emotions - trying not to get perturbed by everyday issues at work (acting with maturity) - gaining more confidence in dealing with difficult people and situations - thinking more clearly and coming up with more structured ways to communicate - acting with authority - showing up with confidence in meetings/speaking up more/presenting my POV without the fear of being judged. Being in your power and showing up with confidence no matter what - being positive and seeing the good things as that shapes your perception and what you project on others - self-awareness - looking at a more well-rounded view of things and break down issues in a structured approach - tackle stress more effectively - be more prepared for all types of meetings/discussion - applying to new roles. I want to continue building a muscle for all the things I have started to achieve and make it a part of my being. Instead of getting flustered by every situation at work, deal with it holistically by keeping all the advice/learnings in mind and acting with emotional maturity."