Kiran S.
Sr Agency Manager, Google
“ I never expected to connect with my coach on Coaching as I have with Vibha! The energy and positivity she puts out and exerts at every session inspire me to keep going and work on myself every day. She always helps me focus on what I want to work on and to implement actual action steps to work towards my goals. I know I have made tremendous progress because of my weekly sessions with her and I look forward to continuing our progress that we have made together! Vibha has been an excellent coach for me to have the privilege of working with. I’ve never had a coach before but this experience with Vibha has opened my mind to the power of letting somebody into your life to give you solid direction. Vibha has truly taken the time to understand how I think and what motivates me. This allowed me to put a plan in place that has achieved things in my life that I’ve never thought I could be achieved. I could not be happier with my experience and I look forward to what the future has in store for me, now that I feel I can reach my true potential in life. Vibha has been very instrumental through our weekly coaching sessions in helping me build my executive presence.”