Claire K.
Sr. Manager, Twillio
“Since starting the coaching sessions, I've been able to learn how to be more self-compassionate. I've been able to reflect on how I am doing and take breaks when I need to, knowing it'll make me more productive. I've been able to change my outlook on myself, improve my confidence, find my voice and power to be more of an authority figure and take back control over my work and projects. I've been able to learn how to better regulate my emotions when things don't go the "right" way and quickly adjust my mindset. What notable milestones, achievements, or learnings have you gained since starting your Coaching coaching journey? I've experienced several big wins since I started this journey. My relationship with my boss is no longer a point of stress and anxiety. I am leading very productive projects that are seeing excellent results and have lots of momentum, which has garnered lots of praise by the executive team. I've been able to be seen as a respected leader within the organization. Where would you like to go to the next stage of your personal and professional growth? I would like to continue focusing on how to change my mindset and handle stress when pressure is put on me. I'd like to continue working on how I can present myself as a respected leader and authority figure within the organization especially to those who are older than me but do not have seniority over me.”