Kristy W
Sr Account Manager, Archer Daniels
“So far, I've begun to understand myself and my interactions with others more clearly. My awareness has been raised. Going forward, I need to work on: A DAILY MINDFULNESS PRACTICE: of all I've learned to date, this has been so helpful. Staying present at work has slowed down my speech, helps me to listen more, helps me to focus better. This is something I still have to consciously think about, I'd like to practice this so much it becomes who I am. SELF-LOVE: I need to be nicer to myself. I am very critical and judgmental of my own capabilities and work product, which likely extends out to others'. I'm learning that by appreciating my own unique self, authenticity and contributions I'll be more able to do the same for my co-workers and colleagues. All stems from this. GETTING FEEDBACK: I've been able to shift my feedback style when giving feedback, but I am still challenged (in my stomach) when receiving feedback - for fear I'm not good enough. I understand intellectually why I should value receiving honest feedback as much as giving honest feedback - but I still need to work on taming my visceral reactions of rejection and hurt and apologies. I need to work on developing the confidence and courage and self-worth required to take constructive feedback more constructively and less personally, right there at the moment. It "hurts" when it shouldn't. I'd like to work up to directly and boldly and frequently soliciting feedback from my supervisor. Overall, it's extremely easy for me to fall back into old patterns. I understand intellectually what I'm learning from and with Vibha, but I must keep working to integrate these principles (e.g. mindfulness and centred presence) deep into my core internal value set. Currently, I have to practice and consciously think about "being". I'd like eventually to just "be". (Does this make any sense at all? :)) I hope to get continued support from Vibha as she serves as an amazing coach and guide, and has resources and tips and tricks that don't come naturally to me and that help me move forward. I'd deeply value the continuation of my coaching with Vibha beyond the current end-date for more direction, guardrails, support and practice/exercises. I’m not sure if this is an option. THANK YOU! “