Ashley M.
Sr Designer VMware
I started my coaching journey with Vibha in a challenging place in my life. Under the difficult circumstances and challenges of the pandemic, I was frustrated with all the changes and stress in my personal and professional life. Throughout my sessions with Vibha, I have been coached kindly and thoughtfully about the power of meditation, self-reflection, affirmation and mindfulness.  With each session, I began to look forward to sharing my progress with the practice of meditation with Vibha. I also began to see the benefits of my mindfulness journey and started goal setting for more progress. I’ve always been open and receptive to the practices of mediation and other mindfulness techniques, but I never committed to doing “the work” necessary to see the benefits of it. In Vibha, I found a coach who would helped me commit to it and reaffirmed the key principles and benefits of the practice. Vibha has consistently impressed upon me the importance of incorporating daily meditation in my life, provided resources and responded to my inquiries with support, understanding and knowledge.”