April B.
Project Lead, Mars Inc.
Coaching has helped me better understand my own strengths as a manager and how to use them to enhance the strengths of my team. It was nice to talk through thoughts, ideas and opportunity with someone who can provide clear and confident feedback. Meditating has helped me so much and I am so thankful for Vibha and showing me how to make my life more balanced and find positivity in everything. She has also shown me the importance of visualizing positive outcomes and I now do this in my personal and professional life. I’m proud of so many things throughout my journey but mostly proud of how I can also use the coaching guidance to coach my own team. The idea of coaching and mentoring has helped me build a better relationship with my older team and helped me grow better understanding with my new one. An aha moment was when I was able to link my strengths to a more manager mindset. It’s so helpful to understand your own goals so you can be positive and confident to your team and this is something that has really helped me link the two. I hope to maintain all the learnings I have received as I think they have helped me be a better manager and person. I hope to maintain everything I have learned and to continue to grow and use the skills given to me to provide a positive working environment for my team as well as for my own life and family. THANK YOU so much for all your help, guidance and positive energy! You have helped me professionally and personally and I am forever grateful.