Senior Line Manager, Mars Inc.
“ I had a lot of anxiety when it came to interacting with my boss. I would feel physically ill before a meeting with him due to his aggressive and demanding nature. I would feel constantly defensive and felt unable to support my thoughts and ideas when talking to him. I was quite frankly scared of him. Working with Vibha, The biggest lesson here was learning to stay calm and stay in my power. Before meetings, now I make sure I'm as prepared as I can before talking to him. I've also incorporated meditation and yoga/working out into my daily routine to help me stay grounded and secure in myself. When talking to him, I've learned to pause before speaking and to not let his loud and aggressive behavior come off onto me.  Outcome: This has been the biggest improvement in my day to day both in and outside of work. My self-confidence has increased so much and I feel so much more at ease when communicating with my boss or really anyone that I feel anxious to talk with. I no longer get that physical pain in my stomach before meetings and if during meetings, he gets aggressive, I am able to stay in my power and sit back. Learning to stay in my power has also greatly helped my personal life as I know I do not need the approval of others to be happy and fulfilled. I can do that myself. By putting less expectations on others and being satisfied with what I can do myself makes me feel so much more happy as a person and less dependent and reliant on others.”