Caitlin B. Sr. Director
Learning and Development, Liveintent
"Going home and spending time with my mom was always a challenge for me and I was anxious. This time I was taking my boyfriend home for the first time to introduce him to my family. And my boyfriend was taking me to his family the first time and I wanted everything to go well. With the help of Vibha's coaching, I did 'the inner-work and prepared myself for the trip. Outcome and the notes about my experience:   The month I was traveling and was full of wins. When with my family, I was able to only hold expectations for myself, and by doing so, everyone surprised me. My family was more than welcoming to my boyfriend, they cared about getting to know him and gave me amazing feedback on him as a person. When thinking about my relationship with my mom, I only focused on how I could be the best daughter to her and in return, she was more open and honest with me than she ever has been. I was able to successfully regulate my emotions and whenever I began to feel slightly overwhelmed or out of control, I went to my room to prioritize "me time" which always helped calm me down. When I was at my boyfriend's house, his family was great. They were sweet and welcoming and gave me and my boyfriend a lot of space. I walked away from the week feeling like I know his family and they know me. This entire month was a huge success, everything went better than I was hoping for and I am extremely grateful for this experience. I feel closer to my boyfriend, I feel closer to my family and it's more than I could have ever imagined!"