Before I started coaching I had a lot of anxiety and stress-related to my job. I had a very negative perception and it was hard to get tasks done. I was not thinking clearly about my future and thought that I could possibly stay in my role regardless of being unhappy.

I’m proud of the progress I’ve made with my stress and anxiety through meditation and mindfulness, and positive perception and outlook on my situation and life. I’m also proud that I’ve finally admitted to myself that I will not stay in this role in the long term, and have been making strides to find another role that benefits me internally at Facebook

The Self-Compassion exercise (how would you treat a friend vs. how do you treat yourself) and also finally realizing that no one cares if I leave the team. I need to do what is right for me!

What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?

Morning meditation, self-compassion, positive outlook.

Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?
No, I know what I need to do to move forward in my career and find a new role
Is there anything

I might regret not bringing it up in the remaining time?
No, It’s on me to figure out what else I like and to do the due diligence of exploring what other roles are out there. Thank you for everything!!!


I am less judgemental of myself.
I am not bullying myself as much.
My water, my food and my time is my healing.
It’s ok not to know – you can say ” Now I Know”.

What progress am I most proud of?
That I am accepting my thoughts and experiences – and they are only that
I am ok, and I not just surviving but thriving
Staying with the negative feeling – use my hands to make myself feel better
Finding a hobby – collecting Art
Helping one person a week

What were the most meaningful “aha” moments?
You’ll know what you need to know when you get there
Label your thoughts and emotions for they are – only thoughts and emotions
Fear manifests in life
Don’t figure out everything at the same time
Change my attitude towards things
If my stressor is repeating – what am I not learning

What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?
Meditation and Yoga
” That everything is ok”
Box Breaths
” I am getting better, better and better”
Write down my achievements every day
Take moments and walk away

Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?
I believe my sessions became ritualistic and I looked out for Monday
However – I do not believe it is incomplete – it gave me the steps I needed to open my mind, forgive myself and be nicer to myself
My journey with Vibha came at the perfect time in my life – where I have gone through so many changes and adjustments – I needed tips and tools to work through these objections


I know myself better. I learned to identify my strengths and skills. I know my worth. I understand my environment better. I feel more confident about what I bring to my workplace. I feel a sense of belonging or fitting within my group. All these changes have allowed me to feel empowered and confident.

I am most proud of working on my strengths. It takes work to identify them, acknowledge them, develop them and manage them. Some are stronger than others but I can figure out ways to improve any of them.

Q: What were the most meaningful “aha” moments?

A: Realizing a lot of people go through the same situations I go through.

Q: What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?

A: Healthy habits like balancing work and personal life. Prioritizing me, my health, and my career.

Q: Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?

A: No, there isn’t any way my couching feels incomplete.

Q: Is there anything I might regret not bringing up in the remaining time?

A: I may regret not talking more about personal life issues but I also don’t regret it because I intentionally wanted to focus on my professional development and how this coaching would help me have a better experience at work.


My awareness has increased. I enjoy life more. I stress over the little things less – or if I do stress about them, it is for less time.

First and foremost, I am most proud of choosing a coach that I probably would not have chosen even a few years ago. It was the most perfect fit for me and am so grateful for Vibha. She provides such wisdom, and I am proud that I took action no matter how big or small. In addition, I was much more open than I ever have been with anyone outside of the family.

What were the most meaningful “aha” moments?

(1) Do your best. (2) The energy in which you do things is so very important. (3) Add your own flavour to things – that is your superpower. (4) Stay in your power.

What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?
All of the items were noted in the previous question along with staying in the ‘neutral’.

Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?
I would love to continue. It feels incomplete because it is – there is no destination and this is always needed.

Is there anything I might regret not bringing up in the remaining time? No.


From being reactive, jumping from task to task without thinking to be able to step back and be more prepared (both mentally and physically). I am now able to recognize my personal state and adapt accordingly.

Being able to institute a “moment of peace” before my meetings – 5 mins of no talking or thinking, just clearing my mind and readjusting posture so all participants can be in a relaxed state before talking.
Taking mediation/breathing break in between tasks. Understand I need time to transition from one thing to another. Getting a 5-minute head start won’t really help, but taking 5 minutes to get extra clarity and mental preparedness helps much more.
Being grateful for the things I have accomplished, vs spending all the time worrying about the things I still have not completed yet.

Recognizing I need to “be” in addition to “do”. I work on a lot of things, but I use to not evaluate whether that was the best. Recognize that before embarking on a complicated task, I need to be mentally and physically prepared so I am in the best state to handle what is coming.

What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?
– Continue to do breathing exercises
– Listen to my body more
– Be able to recognize I am stressed and need to de-escalate
– Be able to recognize negative energy is being generated, and either stop that or turn it into positive energy
Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?
– I don’t really know what I don’t know. When I started the journey, I kind of laid out all the cards on the table, and Vibha was able to pick out the things I need to work on and point me in the right direction
– Being able to accept and act on feedback is going to be the next step for me

Is there anything I might regret not bringing up in the remaining time?
– I don’t think so. Personal wellness is a long journey, and every one is unique. I think having someone guide you and point things out is a good start, and it will be something I can continue to work on and improve once I identify areas of improvement


The biggest difference is that I have way more confidence in my skills and know my self-worth. Heather coming into the picture shook that for me, and I had been feeling like I wasn’t good enough or spinning stories in my head that I wasn’t valued. I know now that I bring unique skills to the table and that other person cannot do what I do.

I have nearly stopped spinning stories in my head about what other people are thinking/saying. I don’t preoccupy myself with that as much.

I confronted my manager about her micromanagement. Being that frank with someone and coming out on the other side helped us build trust in our relationship, and she gave me more freedom going forward.

I don’t want to be a confrontational person, but I do not want to be fearful of having to confront someone.

I’m about to go through potentially starting something new or asking for more at work, and I would love to see what might pop up there.

How to present my best foot forward to this new company.


I have a better understanding of where I want to go with personal development. I feel more confident, have a better perspective and I feel good about my journey.

I feel really good about my work/life balance as I was known as a workaholic, always available, putting work before family, on my laptop on weekends and answering emails while on vacation, etc. I have learned to balance my day by starting it with a routine and ending at an appropriate time. I longer work over the weekends, put my phone down more often and make more time for myself and my family while still being very effective during my working hours.

When I started to be more aware of my conversations, listening to learn, and being more present. I learned so much more about my peers, leaders and direct reports.

Active listening is so important to me and being in the moment…as It is something that I need to continue to work on. I will continue to reflect before and after having effective conversations.


How is my life different from when I started coaching?
– Conscious focus on ways to mitigate stress- meditation (prayer is saying, meditation is listening), exercising, time alone for reflection, more time going to church & sleep
– Centering myself- make a plan & put it on paper
– Make time for me to recharge- Hallow catholic meditation app & attending daily mass

What progress am I most proud of?
1. Being more mindful & helping my kids centre themselves while focusing on their strengths & blessings, focusing on thanking people & surprising others with kindness
2. How I handled the discontinuation of OBP as an opportunity and recognized the team for work well done (Bamboo tree story)- ultimately this resulted in a career opportunity I had never considered before in global product supply & the best possible outcome for my team
3. 4.5/5 stars on overall assessment & likelihood to recommend my Owning Your Career Workshop, follow-up workshop & national program request
4. Received Top Performer Award for 2020 (only 1-2% of employees get this recognition)
5. Completing strengths training with kids
6. Compensation assessment with HR
7. Completely unplugged during Christmas break

What were the most meaningful “aha” moments?
– Assessment that revealed coaching was my biggest strength- thinking about my perfect role and how I could use this strength while also dreaming big
– Doing nothing is the greatest activity; Meditation is not about doing anything, it’s about undoing everything
– Authenticity has power
– Perfect Role Activity & 1:1 feedback from leaders & people that know me outside of work
– Never think that you aren’t ready yet to be a coach: Either you have it or you don’t- you make a difference in other people’s lives
– Byron Katie’s activity- Is this true? Is this really true? What are your current perceptions? What’s bothering you?
– Determining a PhD would likely distract more than it would help
– You need to stop trying to figure out things- need to be in a place where you can access universal intelligence- don’t try to make things happen
– Radiate love, don’t absorb negativity- pray for God to help guide you
– Practice more acceptance- love people with all of their flaws & shortcomings
– Wherever you are focusing your attention, your energy is flowing
– We are becoming human doings not human beings
– Think about what you want to create in your life & go to sleep
– Depression is a lack of expression
-express- cook, paint, be quiet & listen to your soul
-reflect on things you have done
-contemplation is the greatest activity- all inventions happen because of contemplation (#1 step to create anything)

What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?
– Meditation, exercise, unplugging for family time
– Continuing to coach others through 1:1 mentoring, workshops, sports & community activities
– Deep breathing activities
– Releasing you from making me feel_______ I will let you go the way you want to be________ I will release my expectation

Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?
– Moving into a global & a people management role without having Vibha as a consultant scares me
– Having help & an outside perspective personally is also a concern, but we’ll connect again 🙂


How is my life different from when I started coaching?
More confident at work
– much less stress and agony over everyday work
– more confident about my own skills
– Acknowledging and understanding that I will always want more, try to reflect on where I was and how far I’ve come
– Feeling ok and better about improving a little at a time, I don’t need to go from 0 to 100, 0 – 5 one day, 5-10 a few days later is ok and progress!

– Just spending time is good enough, doesn’t have to be some big planned thing
– Spending more time playing with son

– Working on mindfulness, breathing a little each day
– Working out twice a week!

What progress am I most proud of?
– Feeling confident about my work, I didn’t think I’d be able to do this!

What were the most meaningful “aha” moments?
– Acknowledging and understanding that I will always want more
– Improving a little at a time is good!
– I’m too hard on myself (inner bully vs friend never tell me that), no such thing as perfect

What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?
– Everything (haha)
– When I have negative thoughts, write out my negative thought, why, and why not (CBT)
– When I am stressed, be mindful, meditate and breath
– To try not to be so hard on me too much (think about what I’m telling myself as my inner bully vs what I would tell myself as a friend)
– When I feel like things aren’t enough, to look at how far I’ve come
– To celebrate wins

Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?
– No, we talked about how it’s normal to keep working on these skills and we slide back a little and we keep working on them

Is there anything I might regret not bringing up in the remaining time?
– No 🙂 It’s been a truly great time and I’ve learned and grown so much


Our last session was very productive and helpful for my energy levels and mental health while working on the job. January is an extremely busy month with my full-time job so it is easy for me to feel stressed out, overwhelmed and tired with little energy to dedicate to my second job. Instead of focusing on getting ALL of the things I want to get done for my second job done every day, I really have been focusing on my energy levels and doing things when my energy feels positive. Now, this doesn’t mean that I can put all of my tasks on the back-burner, it just means that I am more aware of how I am feeling when I am doing them which has made a difference so far. I have felt more inspired to keep showing up for myself, which in turn helps me inspire others and get more creative with what I am posting about. I wrote down this phrase from our session last week and I think I need to make it into a permanent sign! ” Because I enjoy this and sharing about it, it does not work! The more I detach myself from the outcome, the more positive my energy will become and the easier it will be for me to attract new clients.


It has truly been life-changing to work with Vibha as a professional coach.

There are too many things to choose from to select just one… developing a vision, personal transformation, self-awareness, transformation within my whole family, overall sense of well-being, goal to attain self-enlightenment, and productivity and clarity in my professional life and career path.

What were the most meaningful “aha” moments?

  • Bringing energy to myself
  • How to handle stress
  • Removing ego from interactions
  • Experiencing oneness
  • Hearing the low continuous sound of AUM during meditation
  • Connecting with and supporting my father through important transitions
  • Putting people first before achievements, especially in work-life

What behaviours and practices do I hope to maintain?

  • Daily meditation and building life energy
  • Achieving purpose aligned with divine plans
  • Continuing to maintain a family connection

Are there any ways in which my coaching journey feels incomplete?

  • No. I feel fortunate that I was able to have more than a full year of coaching from Vibha.
  • Vibha’s guidance and answers to my many questions always provided me with more food for thought than I could digest during our sessions.

Is there anything I might regret not bringing up in the remaining time?

  • No. I was sure to bring up all the questions I had during coaching.

This was an amazing and enlightening experience for me. I learned and grew much more than I had ever anticipated. Vibha answered questions I did not realize I had. For that, I am immensely grateful. This was truly a life-altering experience that I am forever changed by for the better!

Thank you so much Vibha!! Your legacy will live on through me.


Working with Vibha is such a positive experience.
I am more in control of my emotions, more self-aware more mindful and more confident than n myself.
I am most proud of removing my self-doubt blinders to see my life as others see it without fear.
A meaningful ‘aha’ moment for me was recognizing how badly I beat myself up by focusing on my shortcomings as opposed to recognizing my accomplishments. I do the latter daily now.
Additionally, I am amazed at how effective daily meditation helps my ability to focus.

I will continue will expanding on self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation and recognizing successes daily to improve my positive vibes along with exercise and healthy eating habits.

I have grown to look forward to my sessions with Vibha. I have felt so at ease speaking to her weekly. I would not say it is incomplete more melancholy it has to end.​

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