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By working with Vibha:

I am more in control of my emotions – trying not to get perturbed by everyday issues at work (acting with maturity) – gaining more confidence in dealing with difficult people and situations – thinking more clearly and coming up with more structured ways to communicate – acting with authority – showing up with confidence in meetings/speaking up more/presenting my POV without the fear of being judged.
Being in your power and showing up with confidence no matter what – being positive and seeing the good things as that shapes your percept

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“How is my life different from when I started coaching?

– I have a greater perspective on how I can remain calm in the midst of a storm, including how I can take control of my emotions when I face these situations.

– I’m also thinking about what I need to change on the inside in order to impact my life on the outside. To this end, I am spending more time visualizing the outcome & feeling that I want to experience as a way to help set myself up for success.

What progress am I most proud of?

– Mediation has become one of my normal practices and I do this 3-4 times a wee

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“Vibha has helped me turn everything around. Opportunities within my career have opened up that were not there before, and it includes a chance at a promotion. I am focused on what really matters in life; my relationships with my husband, children, grandchildren, and how I  can enrich and make that life better. I am grounded and happy and don’t let others shake my reinstated self-confidence. Soon, we will be starting a new life in VT, living in my ideal home, and maybe even starting my ideal job. I am unstoppable now!!”

“I have worked with Vibha for a few months now and can attest that she is a fantastic coach. From the start, she has invested time in understanding my goals and each session, she guides me through exercises, reflection and action plan to help me work towards them. Vibha is always able to help me see things from a perspective that encourages me to reflect on my performance in ways that help me grow as a leader and a team member. Since our sessions, I have found that the objectives we set in class translate to improvements in how I work, both operationally and in my relationships with my c

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“Vibha empowers her clients to find their strengths & embrace challenges as opportunities. She has helped me to have more clarity while also giving me the confidence to lead with authenticity during some of the biggest personal & professional challenges that I have ever faced.”

“I chose Vibha as my coach to work on personal growth and to “better know myself”. Vibha is a warm and personable coach, easy to connect with and with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. My coaching sessions with Vibha over the past 3 months have been life-changing. My life has more balance, I have greater clarity on what is important and a clear focus on where I am heading. There is more work to be done, but I am very happy with the progress and positive changes so far. I highly recommend Vibha as a coach”

“ I never expected to connect with my coach on Coaching as I have with Vibha! The energy and positivity she puts out and exerts at every session inspire me to keep going and work on myself every day. She always helps me focus on what I want to work on and to implement actual action steps to work towards my goals. I know I have made tremendous progress because of my weekly sessions with her and I look forward to continuing our progress that we have made together!

Vibha has been an excellent coach for me to have the privilege of working with. I’ve never had a coach before but this experience

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“I only started working with Vibha a few short weeks ago and my communication skills and confidence has grown exponentially. VIbha has guided me to think more inwardly about what my intentions are when working with cross-functional and direct partners which have allowed for more honest, upfront and clear communication. Collaboration amongst teams has been more efficient with proven success. Personally, I have been able to apply everything that we’ve practised in my personal life as well. Vibha is the best! Vibha teaches authenticity which can be tricky in the workplace, but she teaches

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“The sessions with my coach Vibha were helpful in many ways. For our first session, after sharing my concerns and goals, she encouraged me to make use of a few mindful tools to help with stress relief. I was feeling overwhelmed with coursework and life responsibilities. The mindful techniques that were most helpful were taking self-compassion breaks and mindful breathing at the end of my day. Taking time to take self-compassion breaks allowed me to be more focused throughout my day. Using mindful breathing (body scanning) at the end of my day allowed me to sleep better and not constantly pro

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“Since starting the coaching sessions, I’ve been able to learn how to be more self-compassionate. I’ve been able to reflect on how I am doing and take breaks when I need to, knowing it’ll make me more productive. I’ve been able to change my outlook on myself, improve my confidence, find my voice and power to be more of an authority figure and take back control over my work and projects. I’ve been able to learn how to better regulate my emotions when things don’t go the “right” way and quickly adjust my mindset.

What notable milestones, achievem

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“So far, I’ve begun to understand myself and my interactions with others more clearly. My awareness has been raised. Going forward, I need to work on: 

  1. A DAILY MINDFULNESS PRACTICE: of all I’ve learned to date, this has been so helpful. Staying present at work has slowed down my speech, helps me to listen more, helps me to focus better. This is something I still have to consciously think about, I’d like to practice this so much it becomes who I am. 
  2. SELF-LOVE: I need to be nicer to myself. I am very critical and judgmental of my own capabilities and work product, which
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I have changed and grown in many ways since starting my Coaching journey. One of the most important things that I’ve learned from my coach, Vibha, is the importance of centring myself and self-care. I’ve learned the importance of meditation and cultivating a practice of emotional and spiritual well-being. I’ve also committed myself to physical fitness and well-being goals such as over 120 days of exercises since August and establishing a more thoughtful bedtime routine. After a short sabbatical from my office, I have returned with clarity of focus, dedication, commitment t

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“Over the last six months, I have been able to take power and ownership over myself, my actions, my emotions, and my future. I have learned and developed skills that have enabled me to better define who I am and what I’m capable of. Six months ago, I was feeling powerless at work, over my emotions, over my career, and over my development. I struggled to speak my voice and showcase any confidence which translated into stressful work relationships with my colleagues and boss as well as a major lack of self-care and self-compassion. I didn’t know how to prioritize myself or my needs

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“I started my coaching sessions with Vibha at the beginning of August. By the end of August, I had meditated, incorporated more mindfulness readings in my daily life including Vibha’s book Turn Within. With each passing day and a commitment to doing the work, I have felt more clearly about my goals and purpose than I have felt in a while. By September, I had committed to 30 days of meditation and daily exercise. I accomplished that goal. I set new goals and I even painted my room! Ha! This October, I have a renewed focus at work – knocking projects of my to-do list, I have stronger emoti

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I started my coaching journey with Vibha in a challenging place in my life. Under the difficult circumstances and challenges of the pandemic, I was frustrated with all the changes and stress in my personal and professional life. Throughout my sessions with Vibha, I have been coached kindly and thoughtfully about the power of meditation, self-reflection, affirmation and mindfulness.  With each session, I began to look forward to sharing my progress with the practice of meditation with Vibha. I also began to see the benefits of my mindfulness journey and started goal setting for more progres

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When I first started my coaching sessions with Vibha, I was not in a pretty place. I was frustrated that I couldn’t get to where I felt I deserved to be in the company I work for. I began doubting my own self-worth and capabilities. I was angry because I felt that I was being held back and pigeon-holed into a level below where I aspired to be. And, I was sad because all of this was making me feel as if I was never good enough, no matter what I did. All these career-driven emotions were also spilling over into my personal life as well, tainting everything. I was constantly on an emotional

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“My outlook is different in so many ways due to the coaching Vibha has shared, but at its most basic – my whole life I’ve looked for gratification from the outside, from others. My parents, my bosses, my husband, my son, my ex-boyfriends – am I doing things that make them love me, make them see me? (Whatever I was.)

Vibha made me understand that I have to be centred, to go within. I have to know who I am and find self-satisfaction for my own gifts. I have to love and trust myself first if I’m ever going to find happiness and personal power and be able to love and trust others

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  • Coaching has helped me better understand my own strengths as a manager and how to use them to enhance the strengths of my team. It was nice to talk through thoughts, ideas and opportunity with someone who can provide clear and confident feedback.
  • Meditating has helped me so much and I am so thankful for Vibha and showing me how to make my life more balanced and find positivity in everything. She has also shown me the importance of visualizing positive outcomes and I now do this in my personal and professional life.
  • I’m proud of so many things throughout my journey but mostly proud of how I
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April B.
Mars Inc.

Magic “AhHa” Moments

  • The biggest – I can only work on ME and what I do, and must learn to work around others that I feel are obstacles because I cannot change them, only the way I react and interact with them.
  • I was operating from a stress-based fight or flight mode after my failed attempts at the next promotion and the way this made me feel.
  • A realization that it’s not so much about the exercises and such that I have done but it is more about the exercises prompting a change in my attitude; focusing on me and not what others think, focus on positives instead of neg
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Diane S.
Mars Inc

I’ve been working with Vibha for a few months now and she’s been incredible! She takes the time to really understand my goals/needs and helps to provide a thorough action plan of how to achieve success. Vibha is able to provide a thought-provoking perspective that enables me to think through things in a much more comprehensive way; every time we talk I have a new realization! I truly enjoy working with her, she has a strategy for everything. In a short amount of time, working with Vibha has enabled me to make major developmental strides and provided lots of laughs along the way!

Rachel B.

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"Vibha is really an awesome spiritual coach and a great mentor. She helps to find and strengthen your inner solace and confidence. She can reach out to anyone at any age or time. We feel very fortunate to be connected with her".


"Vibha, Thanks so much for spreading the knowledge of Meditation and guiding me into its How To’s. You have truly made a difference, I am loving every bit of the moment I meditate. It’s a unique bubble and changes your perspective towards situations and overall life. Appreciate your help in spreading knowledge of Meditation in the community and around".

Ulka Tawde

"Vibha helps our residents with many body and mind exercises in the form of meditation. We have several residents who have benefited from her class. They feel they have been more relaxed and alert. Residents have said that they have been sleeping better and are more relaxed after taking her classes."

Life's Garden ~ California
A Retirement Community

"I had the pleasure of working with Vibha for a corporate event. She taught a "Meditation for Working Professionals" class to our employees, and they all found it to be helpful when it comes to de-stressing and re-centering themselves. They appreciated her soft, calming voice and the meditative practices she guided them through. One of our executives practices meditation on a regular basis, and he complimented her work graciously. Vibha is also very professional and easy to work with. I've only worked with her once, but I would certainly work with her again."

Stacy N Williams Learning and Development Manager Collaborative Solutions LLC.

“Attending Vibha’s coaching and meditation sessions has made a huge difference the way I think and feel. I sleep throughout the night now and feel as if I am getting healed. I always leave happy and full of energy after the session. I am grateful to have her as our holistic spiritual guide.”

Ann Cunny

“Working with you, Vibha has been such a wonderful experience, in every aspect. You are taking the time to understand me and my pain points but then, through your knowledge and experience, are able to identify things that I may not have even thought of. The resources being provided to me based on our conversations, have helped support my leadership skills in a more clear perspective. I'm so pleased to work with you and am thankful for your coaching and guidance!!!”


“One of the biggest privileges that I've had whilst working with you Vibha was to put in place a meditation practice to help me become aware of my inner energy and be able to balance it. Your meditation sessions have kept me focused on my project tasks and allow me to go within and quiet myself in times of turmoil. Thank you for all that you do. It's a gift what you do for others. Even my son is enjoying immensely your audios and I can see a change in him already."

Sofia Pacifico Reis



As a holistic spiritual life coach, I help my clients get promising results and breakthroughs by changing the way they function on a deeper level, rise above the inner chaos and noise to a state of peace and connectedness. Immersing in the transformational power of Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching opens up the perspectives and possibilities as you attune to your truth, align with your spiritual self/ higher consciousness and awaken to the unlimited potential and possibilities of your being.

Several times, in just a single session, my clients see themselves in a whole new light. The way they were perceiving and contributing to a particular situation with their own limited view was bothering them for months.

I am excited about my upcoming book called ‘Turn Within’. It’s about my experience, journey and importance of connecting within to live a more fulfilled, aligned life. 


Turn Within - Vibha Sharma Author
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