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 Client Gratitude


I’ve just had one of the best experiences of my life with Vibha’s Regression hypnosis session, so much so that it’s super hard to put it into words.
Vibha made me feel totally comfortable at the beginning of the session, guiding me through visuals a
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Sofia Reis
Transition Coach & Group Program Trainer

Before I started coaching I had a lot of anxiety and stress-related to my job. I had a very negative perception and it was hard to get tasks done. I was not thinking clearly about my future and thought that I could possibly stay in my role regardless of being unhappy.

I... Read More


I am less judgemental of myself.
I am not bullying myself as much.
My water, my food and my time is my healing.
It’s ok not to know – you can say ” Now I Know”.

What progress am I most proud of?
That I am accepting my thoughts and experiences ... Read More


I know myself better. I learned to identify my strengths and skills. I know my worth. I understand my environment better. I feel more confident about what I bring to my workplace. I feel a sense of belonging or fitting within my group. All these changes have allowed me ... Read More


My awareness has increased. I enjoy life more. I stress over the little things less – or if I do stress about them, it is for less time.

First and foremost, I am most proud of choosing a coach that I probably would not have chosen even a few years ago. It was the most... Read More


From being reactive, jumping from task to task without thinking to be able to step back and be more prepared (both mentally and physically). I am now able to recognize my personal state and adapt accordingly.

Being able to institute a “moment of peace” befor... Read More


The biggest difference is that I have way more confidence in my skills and know my self-worth. Heather coming into the picture shook that for me, and I had been feeling like I wasn’t good enough or spinning stories in my head that I wasn’t valued. I know now that I ... Read More


I have a better understanding of where I want to go with personal development. I feel more confident, have a better perspective and I feel good about my journey.

I feel really good about my work/life balance as I was known as a workaholic, always available, putting work ... Read More


How is my life different from when I started coaching?
Conscious focus on ways to mitigate stress- meditation (prayer is saying, meditation is listening), exercising, time alone for reflection, more time going to church & sleep
Centering myself- make a plan & pu... Read More


How is my life different from when I started coaching?
More confident at work
much less stress and agony over everyday work
more confident about my own skills
Acknowledging and understanding that I will always want more, try to reflect on where I was and how far I’... Read More


Our last session was very productive and helpful for my energy levels and mental health while working on the job. January is an extremely busy month with my full-time job so it is easy for me to feel stressed out, overwhelmed and tired with little energy to dedicate to ... Read More


It has truly been life-changing to work with Vibha as a professional coach.

There are too many things to choose from to select just one… developing a vision, personal transformation, self-awareness, transformation within my whole family, overall sense of well-being,... Read More


Working with Vibha is such a positive experience.
I am more in control of my emotions, more self-aware more mindful and more confident than n myself.
I am most proud of removing my self-doubt blinders to see my life as others see it without fear.
A meaningful ‘aha’ ... Read More


I have changed in so many ways working with Vibha. The biggest difference is that I have way more confidence in my skills and know my self-worth. New Manager coming into the picture shook that for me, and I had been feeling like I wasn’t good enough or spinning storie... Read More

Monisha K
North Western Mutual

“ I had a lot of anxiety when it came to interacting with my boss. I would feel physically ill before a meeting with him due to his aggressive and demanding nature. I would feel constantly defensive and felt unable to support my thoughts and ideas when talking to him.... Read More

Senior Line Manager, Mars Inc.

“Going home and spending time with my mom was always a challenge for me and I was anxious. This time I was taking my boyfriend home for the first time to introduce him to my family. And my boyfriend was taking me to his family the first time and I wanted everythin... Read More

Caitlin B. Sr. Director
Learning and Development, Liveintent

“These are my wins based on our coaching:

Self: I believe I exceeded expectations for the Self leader mindset in large part to the coaching experience, which has been transformative in making me a better leader and Boxer.

Holds self-accountable

Better preparation ... Read More

Kim, Vice-president
Solution Engineering, Box

“Vibha has been an excellent coach for me. She has met me where I am without judgement. During our session she creates a sacred space for me so that I am comfortable enough to share. With her metaphysical background she is able to inspire me and help to move me forwar... Read More

Naomi J. Alexander
Member Success Leader, Credit Karma

“Vibha Sharma has a very calming and relaxing voice and her coaching skills are effective and so needed. She also has a deep knowledge of spirituality/metaphysics and her meditation coaching sessions have helped me focus and quiet my mind. I particularly like the Self ... Read More

Sofia Pacifico Reis
Social Media Strategic Coach

“I am frankly surprised I’ve made it as far as I have without the concepts and tools I’ve been learning and practicing with Vibha. 

I’ve added thousands of hours of worry, anxiety, concern, frustration, upset, and preparation to my journey. I’ve lost hundreds... Read More

S. Brown
Sr. VP. Warner Media

By working with Vibha:

I am more in control of my emotions – trying not to get perturbed by everyday issues at work (acting with maturity) – gaining more confidence in dealing with difficult people and situations – thinking more clearly and coming u... Read More

R. Barlette
Sr VP Software Engineering, Paycheck

“How is my life different from when I started coaching?

– I have a greater perspective on how I can remain calm in the midst of a storm, including how I can take control of my emotions when I face these situations.

– I’m also thinking about what I need t... Read More

Mikala W.
Sr. VP, F5 Networks

“Vibha has helped me turn everything around. Opportunities within my career have opened up that were not there before, and it includes a chance at a promotion. I am focused on what really matters in life; my relationships with my husband, children, grandchildren, and ... Read More

X. Yuan
Sr. Engineer, Qualcomm

“I have worked with Vibha for a few months now and can attest that she is a fantastic coach. From the start, she has invested time in understanding my goals and each session, she guides me through exercises, reflection and action plan to help me work towards them.... Read More

A. Smith
Sr Talent Management Lead, Bayer

“Vibha empowers her clients to find their strengths & embrace challenges as opportunities. She has helped me to have more clarity while also giving me the confidence to lead with authenticity during some of the biggest personal & professional challenges that I... Read More

M. Ellis
Sr. Director, Paycheck

“I chose Vibha as my coach to work on personal growth and to “better know myself”. Vibha is a warm and personable coach, easy to connect with and with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. My coaching sessions with Vibha over the past 3 months have been l... Read More

Roberta B
Sr. Counselor, Capella University

“ I never expected to connect with my coach on Coaching as I have with Vibha! The energy and positivity she puts out and exerts at every session inspire me to keep going and work on myself every day. She always helps me focus on what I want to work on and to implement... Read More

Kiran S.
Sr Agency Manager, Google

“I only started working with Vibha a few short weeks ago and my communication skills and confidence has grown exponentially. VIbha has guided me to think more inwardly about what my intentions are when working with cross-functional and direct partners which have allow... Read More

Ph.D, Capella University

“The sessions with my coach Vibha were helpful in many ways. For our first session, after sharing my concerns and goals, she encouraged me to make use of a few mindful tools to help with stress relief. I was feeling overwhelmed with coursework and life responsibilitie... Read More

F. Kadar
Sr Engineering Manager, Cloudera

“Since starting the coaching sessions, I’ve been able to learn how to be more self-compassionate. I’ve been able to reflect on how I am doing and take breaks when I need to, knowing it’ll make me more productive. I’ve been able to change my out... Read More

Claire K.
Sr. Manager, Twillio

“So far, I’ve begun to understand myself and my interactions with others more clearly. My awareness has been raised. Going forward, I need to work on:

A DAILY MINDFULNESS PRACTICE: of all I’ve learned to date, this has been so helpful. Staying present at ... Read More

Kristy W
Sr Account Manager, Archer Daniels

I have changed and grown in many ways since starting my Coaching journey. One of the most important things that I’ve learned from my coach, Vibha, is the importance of centring myself and self-care. I’ve learned the importance of meditation and cultivatin... Read More

K Vlah
Sr. Director, Facebook

“Over the last six months, I have been able to take power and ownership over myself, my actions, my emotions, and my future. I have learned and developed skills that have enabled me to better define who I am and what I’m capable of. Six months ago, I was feeling... Read More

Erica. B
VP, Salesforce

“I started my coaching sessions with Vibha at the beginning of August. By the end of August, I had meditated, incorporated more mindfulness readings in my daily life including Vibha’s book Turn Within. With each passing day and a commitment to doing the work, I have... Read More

B Mcgee
Sr. Director, Sauce Lab

I started my coaching journey with Vibha in a challenging place in my life. Under the difficult circumstances and challenges of the pandemic, I was frustrated with all the changes and stress in my personal and professional life. Throughout my sessions with Vibha, I h... Read More

Ashley M.
Sr Designer VMware

When I first started my coaching sessions with Vibha, I was not in a pretty place. I was frustrated that I couldn’t get to where I felt I deserved to be in the company I work for. I began doubting my own self-worth and capabilities. I was angry because I felt that ... Read More

Denise M.
Sr Process Manager, Mars Inc.

“My outlook is different in so many ways due to the coaching Vibha has shared, but at its most basic – my whole life I’ve looked for gratification from the outside, from others. My parents, my bosses, my husband, my son, my ex-boyfriends – am I doing thi... Read More

E. Chang
Sr CSM Facebook

Coaching has helped me better understand my own strengths as a manager and how to use them to enhance the strengths of my team. It was nice to talk through thoughts, ideas and opportunity with someone who can provide clear and confident feedback.

Meditating has helped m... Read More

April B.
Project Lead, Mars Inc.

Magic “AhHa” Moments

The biggest – I can only work on ME and what I do, and must learn to work around others that I feel are obstacles because I cannot change them, only the way I react and interact with them.

I was operating from a stress-based fight ... Read More

Diane S.
Business Change Manager, Mars Inc

I’ve been working with Vibha for a few months now and she’s been incredible! She takes the time to really understand my goals/needs and helps to provide a thorough action plan of how to achieve success. Vibha is able to provide a thought-provoking perspective... Read More

Rachel B.
Director Post sales, Liveintent

I have been working closely with Vibha as she mentors me through my Leadership Development program I am currently in. Throughout our connections, she’s provided such professional guidance and support that has truly helped me grow as a Leader. She’s also intr... Read More

Tanya S.
Delivery Support Team Lead, Mars Inc

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been drastically able to develop in my professional area. I’ve been able to feel comfortable and confident with the implicit authority my role has. I’ve been able to be seen as a strong leader throughout the organizati... Read More

Nicky. B.
Sr. Director, JLL

I’ve learned how to give better feedback and how to be more open to other perspectives. I’ve read great articles from my coach on how to interpret when someone needs more reflection or processing time, and that’s been very helpful.

Thanks to Vibha for ... Read More

Stacia A.
Ph.D. Psychology Student, Capella

Working with you, Vibha has been such a wonderful experience, in every aspect.

You are taking the time to understand me and my pain points but then, through your knowledge and experience, are able to identify things that I may not have even thought of.

The resources b... Read More

Lisa H.
Sr. Director, Merchandise, Macy’s

I’m so pleased with our sessions! I’m extremely grateful I have the opportunity to work with you each week. I appreciate your habit of revisiting my initial coaching goal statement (from weeks ago) so I stay focused on pursuing them. You’re very kind, ... Read More

Sharon B.

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by Emma | Conflict management, Alignment within the teams, Confidence

by Lauren | Stress management, work-life balance, Self-care, Emotional regulation, leadership

by Ian | Mindfulness, Mindset, Anxiety, Re-alignment, Self-awareness

by Kristina | Confidence, Clarity, Direction, Self-awareness, Healing

by Alex | Meditation, Self-compassion, Confidence, Self-Doubt, Relationship

by Naomi | Mindful Leadership, Coaching, Self-awareness, Self-Compassion, Journaling

by Patrice | Healing from Grief, Self-awareness, Meditation, Limiting beliefs, Parenting

by Monisha | Stress Management, conflict resolution and boredom at work

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"Vibha is really an awesome spiritual coach and a great mentor. She helps to find and strengthen your inner solace and confidence. She can reach out to anyone at any age or time. We feel very fortunate to be connected with her".


"Vibha, Thanks so much for spreading the knowledge of Meditation and guiding me into its How To’s. You have truly made a difference, I am loving every bit of the moment I meditate. It’s a unique bubble and changes your perspective towards situations and overall life. Appreciate your help in spreading knowledge of Meditation in the community and around".

Ulka Tawde

"Vibha helps our residents with many body and mind exercises in the form of meditation. We have several residents who have benefited from her class. They feel they have been more relaxed and alert. Residents have said that they have been sleeping better and are more relaxed after taking her classes."

Life's Garden ~ California
A Retirement Community

"I had the pleasure of working with Vibha for a corporate event. She taught a "Meditation for Working Professionals" class to our employees, and they all found it to be helpful when it comes to de-stressing and re-centering themselves. They appreciated her soft, calming voice and the meditative practices she guided them through. One of our executives practices meditation on a regular basis, and he complimented her work graciously. Vibha is also very professional and easy to work with. I've only worked with her once, but I would certainly work with her again."

Stacy N Williams Learning and Development Manager Collaborative Solutions LLC.

“Attending Vibha’s coaching and meditation sessions has made a huge difference the way I think and feel. I sleep throughout the night now and feel as if I am getting healed. I always leave happy and full of energy after the session. I am grateful to have her as our holistic spiritual guide.”

Ann Cunny

“Working with you, Vibha has been such a wonderful experience, in every aspect. You are taking the time to understand me and my pain points but then, through your knowledge and experience, are able to identify things that I may not have even thought of. The resources being provided to me based on our conversations, have helped support my leadership skills in a more clear perspective. I'm so pleased to work with you and am thankful for your coaching and guidance!!!”


“One of the biggest privileges that I've had whilst working with you Vibha was to put in place a meditation practice to help me become aware of my inner energy and be able to balance it. Your meditation sessions have kept me focused on my project tasks and allow me to go within and quiet myself in times of turmoil. Thank you for all that you do. It's a gift what you do for others. Even my son is enjoying immensely your audios and I can see a change in him already."

Sofia Pacifico Reis

As a Holistic Spiritual & Mindful Leadership Coach, I help my clients get promising results and breakthroughs by changing the way they function on a deeper level, rise above the inner chaos and noise to a state of peace and connectedness. Immersing in the transformational power of Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching opens up the perspectives and possibilities as you attune to your truth, align with your spiritual self/ higher consciousness and awaken to the unlimited potential and possibilities of your being.

Several times, in just a single session, my clients see themselves in a whole new light. The way they were perceiving and contributing to a particular situation with their own limited view was bothering them for months.

I am excited about my upcoming book called ‘Turn Within’. It’s about my experience, journey and importance of connecting within to live a more fulfilled, aligned life. 


Turn Within - Vibha Sharma Author
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