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Meet Vibha Sharma of Cosmicways Life Coaching in San Francisco Bay Area

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Vibha Sharma Mindfulness & Avoiding Anxiety During Covid Times!

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America’s Best Business Coaches (Page 42)

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Women of Vision Interview

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Vibha Sharma | Conscious Business, Metaphysical, Spiritual & Mindfulness Life Coach

Featured on The Hollywood Times

Vibha Sharma brings Transformational Power of Holistic Spiritual and Metaphysical Life Coaching to Corporate Clients

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Conscious Business and Mindful Leadership

Featured on Formidable Woman Magazine

Vibha Sharma, Corporate Wellness Coach and Holistic Spiritual Life Coach, “Go Within! Start your inner journey

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Turn Within-Reconnect with your inner peace and well-being by Vibha Sharma

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Turn Within – Reconnect with your inner peace and well-being

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Interview With Vibha Sharma

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