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Guided Meditation is essentially using the power of the imagination to address and alter energy present in you – such as repressed frustration, sadness or tension. The power of the mind is such that working through tensions in the imaginative realm yields real-life changes. As you imagine the happiest moment of your life, your brain reacts by increasing serotonin production. Your imagination literally changed the physical world! Guided meditation operates on this principle, that you can truly stop reacting to your reactions – and you can dictate how you want to live!

It’s not like that one can’t find benefits in a recorded meditation, but many more avenues open up with a personal, 1-on-1 guided meditation tailored specifically for you.

I offer beginner and novice meditators truly personalized meditation instruction, based off of intuition and what you allow me to know about yourself. I offer daily, biweekly or weekly meditation sessions.

What You Will Achieve

Your relationships will instantly improve because you are more sensitive to other people.
Minds are free to be quicker and more creative. 
You will be less susceptible to falling into negative states.
You will make better decisions because you’ll be able to see situations more clearly.
Your overall health improves because you’ll have less tension and make better life decisions.

Learn Meditation Monthly Members Subscription

Live Online Group Meditation Sessions: $99/Month ( 4 online Sessions/Month until you cancel your subscription)

These are some of the meditation sessions that you’ll have access as a member.

Stress Management, Healing: Emotional, physical, healing the past, Manifestation, Spiritual Progress.

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