Conscious Business Coaching

Mindful leadership 

Do you want to focus on improving key skills that relate to the organization, planning, trusting others (in a work setting), synthesizing information that is unclear/ambiguous and ability to adapt to change?

Do you want to explore how to adjust your own thoughts of self-doubt and emotions when you feel professionally “attacked”?

Do you want to achieve the ability to work at a higher level by learning macro-level thinking and delegation?

Do you want to identify and leverage your strengths and work on potential strengths to achieve your goals?

Do you want to be a better leader and learn to trust, empower and coach others?

Would you like to develop both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills?

Would you like to be able to have more productive but difficult and honest conversations with your team, peers, your boss?

Would you like to markedly improve your Executive Presence?

Would you like to feel more confident all the way around?

Do you want to show more of yourself, have less fear expressing yourself in interactions with senior executives?

Do you want help identifying and addressing limiting beliefs that may be holding back your career progress?


Learn How to:

Be a conscious leader.

Stay “calm” during stressful situations.

Manage stress better.

Be more mindful at work.

Giving and receiving tough feedback.

Motivating yourself and others.

Be more thoughtful about the approach to things.

Delegate work.

Structure goals and ideas.

Learn to Improve:

Cognitive agility

Emotional regulation

Strategic planning – tips & tricks

Presentation Skills


Problem Solving




“If you want to change how a person thinks, give up. You cannot change how another person thinks. Give them a tool, the use of which will gradually lead them to think differently.”

― Fred Kofman, Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Value

Consciousness is the ability to experience reality, to be aware of our inner and outer worlds. It allows us to adapt to our environment and act to promote our lives. To live consciously means to be open to perceiving the world around and within us, to understand our circumstances, and to decide how to respond to them in ways that honor our needs, values and goals. 

When we are more conscious, we can better perceive our surroundings, understand our situations, remember what’s important to us, and envision more possibilities for action to attain it. Consciousness enables us to face our circumstances and pursue our goals in alignment with our values.

A conscious business promotes mindfulness, foster peace and happiness in individuals, respect and solidarity in community and mission accomplishment in the organization.

Employees are invited to contemplate their own selves, finding what it means to live with virtue, meaning and happiness. They are asked to think of their colleagues as human beings rather than as “human resources” They are required to understand their customers, offering them products and services that support their growth and well-being. Because companies not only need employees with high- level of technical knowledge to succeed but they also need employees with a high level of consciousness.

“Living consciously is seeking to be aware of everything that bears on our interests, actions, values, purposes, and goals. It is the willingness to confront facts, pleasant or unpleasant. It is the desire to discover our mistakes and correct them . . . it is the quest to keep expanding our awareness and understanding, both of the world external to self and the world within. “Nathaniel Branden

Mindfulness at Work

Each aspect of your life can impact others. Stressful situations can develop into physical manifestations. For instance, if you have high levels of anxiety in your life from a job or relationship, this can lead to low energy, poor nutrition, and overeating, or even illness. If you are feeling generally unfulfilled, this can create negative thinking patterns that could cause your emotional life to suffer.

In my own experience and work with the clients, I have observed self-awareness and mindfulness as an extremely effective means of improving overall happiness and well-being. 

We work together to create a customized action plan that will help you make positive life changes and move forward with confidence.  I initiate a process for you to be able to live a life of purpose, clarity, and control, guiding you and evaluating the various areas in your life where you may be able to find more balance and satisfaction.

Implementing Conscious business and mindfulness leadership programs at workplace, business leaders and employees learn to manage stress, more effectively maintain greater focus, boost overall health, enhance cognitive performance and improve interpersonal relationships. 

Well-structured mindfulness training offers businesses and organizations a high return on investment because participants learn to enhance their self-awareness, self-management skills and collaborative relationships. Multitasking and going through our days with only partial attention to what is happening can leave us exhausted and underperforming. Fostering concentration, resilience, balance, compassion, communication and meaning using structured exercises designed for application in the workplace, and each naturally enhances the others.

Corporate Wellness

Workshop Sessions

Corporate Wellness is being embraced by many businesses around the globe.

The Corporate Wellness training and sessions are conducted on-site and at times that do not conflict with employees’ daily work schedules. The classes are held in a quiet conference room with participants sitting in chairs. Participants may wear traditional or casual business attire.

Corporate Meditation Classes are taught in SF Bay Area.

As most corporations do not know what to expect from a Meditation program, an Intro to Meditation class is offered. These are 30 minutes to one-hour classes taught at your office where employees have an opportunity to learn how to meditate, experience a Guided Meditation, ask questions, and learn how Meditation can be effectively used in the corporate environment.

If you would like to experience one of our classes, you can book one of our corporate Meditation classes. Our “packaged” Corporate Meditation classes are intended for groups of up to 35 people where the business is located in San Francisco Bay Area.

If you have specific needs, have a specific subject/topic you want to be covered in the Meditation, want the class on a specific day please let us know.

Corporate Meditation Programs

Although there are different styles of Meditation, the most common style taught in corporations is “Mindfulness”. We include Mindfulness in our teachings, however, we are unique in our corporate teachings. We work on setting “goals” and teach employees how to see and achieve these goals through Meditation. These goals may include how to become more confident, how to prepare for big meetings, how to remove anxiety and stress, how to relate better to fellow employees, how to wind down at night and get restful sleep, and so much more. The classes are completely non-religious.

Our Corporate Classes include:

Breathing Techniques to quiet the mind and assist in entering a meditative state

Body Scan & Relaxation Techniques

Guided Imagery


Goal/Intention Setting

Removal of Impediments (stress. anxiety, lack of confidence)

Employees participating in our corporate Meditation programs will:

Exhibit greater productivity and higher performance

Acquire a more positive outlook

Have reduced absenteeism

Have more confidence in their decision making

Have more confidence in their presentations

Exhibit a greater sense of creativity and clarity

Develop strong leadership skills

Handle stressful situations and business stress far better


  • Coaching has helped me better understand my own strengths as a manager and how to use them to enhance the strengths of my team. It was nice to talk through thoughts, ideas and opportunity with someone who can provide clear and confident feedback.
  • Meditating has helped me so much and I am so thankful for Vibha and showing me how to make my life more balanced and find positivity in everything. She has also shown me the importance of visualizing positive outcomes and I now do this in my personal and professional life.
  • I’m proud of so many things throughout my journey but mostly proud of how I

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April B.
Mars Inc.

Magic “AhHa” Moments

  • The biggest – I can only work on ME and what I do, and must learn to work around others that I feel are obstacles because I cannot change them, only the way I react and interact with them.
  • I was operating from a stress-based fight or flight mode after my failed attempts at the next promotion and the way this made me feel.
  • A realization that it’s not so much about the exercises and such that I have done but it is more about the exercises prompting a change in my attitude; focusing on me and not what others think, focus on positives instead of neg

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Diane S.
Mars Inc

I’ve been working with Vibha for a few months now and she’s been incredible! She takes the time to really understand my goals/needs and helps to provide a thorough action plan of how to achieve success. Vibha is able to provide a thought-provoking perspective that enables me to think through things in a much more comprehensive way; every time we talk I have a new realization! I truly enjoy working with her, she has a strategy for everything. In a short amount of time, working with Vibha has enabled me to make major developmental strides and provided lots of laughs along the way!

Rachel B.

I have been working closely with Vibha as she mentors me through my Leadership Development program I am currently in. Throughout our connections, she’s provided such professional guidance and support that has truly helped me grow as a Leader. She’s also introduced me to Mindful Meditation, which was new as I have never meditated before, and I must say it’s a game changer. Her soft tone and relaxing demeanor has allowed me to really refocus and changed how I approach and view certain situations. I have since introduced this to my team and it has really changed the overall enga

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Tanya S.
Mars Inc

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been drastically able to develop in my professional area. I’ve been able to feel comfortable and confident with the implicit authority my role has. I’ve been able to be seen as a strong leader throughout the organization. I’ve been able to establish more connections with my peers which has enabled more trust. I’ve also developed a more positive relationship with my boss. I no longer am worried about his criticism but rather welcome it and doing so, have received more praise for my performance than before. I’ve been able to b

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Nicky. B.

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with my coach Vibha each week. I appreciate that she revisits my initial coaching goal statement (from weeks ago) to keep me focused on pursuing them. She is kind, supportive and extremely easy to talk to. I also value homework. The exercises are considerate of my time, which helps me to maintain my practice, instead of procrastinating and brushing it off. I’ve made some progress in 5 sessions. I’ve begun to understand a couple of things more clearly – and because my awareness has been raised I know continued sessions a

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Erika. B.

I’ve learned how to give better feedback and how to be more open to other perspectives. I’ve read great articles from my coach on how to interpret when someone needs more reflection or processing time, and that’s been very helpful.

Thanks to Vibha for being responsive and always energetic about connecting and coaching with me.

Stacia A.

Working with you, Vibha has been such a wonderful experience, in every aspect.

You are taking the time to understand me and my pain points but then, through your knowledge and experience, are able to identify things that I may not have even thought of.

The resources being provided to me based on our conversations have helped support my leadership skills in a more clear perspective. I’m so pleased to work with you and am thankful for your coaching and guidance!!!

Lisa H.

I’m so pleased with our sessions! I’m extremely grateful I have the opportunity to work with you each week. I appreciate your habit of revisiting my initial coaching goal statement (from weeks ago) so I stay focused on pursuing them. You’re very kind, supportive and extremely easy to talk to. I trust the confidentiality of our sessions and I look forward to seeing your smiling face each week on my tiny little phone screen. 🙂

I also value the homework you give me. The exercises are (mostly) concise and enjoyable, and are helping me chip away at unveiling the *new* me. I kno

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Sharon B.

In my work with clients, I seek to honour the individuality of each client and create a customized holistic plan based on your beliefs, unique preferences, goals, and intentions. I meet people where they are on their journey, and help them integrate simple holistic practices for lasting change. 

Start your inner journey and resurrect to your divine identity!

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