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Corporate Wellness is being embraced by many businesses around the globe.

The Corporate Wellness training and sessions are conducted on-site and at times that do not conflict with employees’ daily work schedules. The classes are held in a quiet conference room with participants sitting in chairs. Participants may wear traditional or casual business attire.

Corporate Meditation Classes are taught in SF Bay Area.

As most corporations do not know what to expect from a Meditation program, an Intro to Meditation class is offered. These are 30 minutes to one-hour classes taught at your office where employees have an opportunity to learn how to meditate, experience a Guided Meditation, ask questions, and learn how Meditation can be effectively used in the corporate environment.

If you would like to experience one of our classes, you can book one of our corporate Meditation classes. Our “packaged” Corporate Meditation classes are intended for groups of up to 35 people where the business is located in San Francisco Bay Area.

If you have specific needs, have a specific subject/topic you want to be covered in the Meditation, want the class on a specific day please let us know.

Corporate Meditation Programs

Although there are different styles of Meditation, the most common style taught in corporations is “Mindfulness”. We include Mindfulness in our teachings, however, we are unique in our corporate teachings. We work on setting “goals” and teach employees how to see and achieve these goals through Meditation. These goals may include how to become more confident, how to prepare for big meetings, how to remove anxiety and stress, how to relate better to fellow employees, how to wind down at night and get restful sleep, and so much more. The classes are completely non-religious.

Our Corporate Classes include:

Breathing Techniques to quiet the mind and assist in entering a meditative state

Body Scan & Relaxation Techniques

Guided Imagery


Goal/Intention Setting

Removal of Impediments (stress. anxiety, lack of confidence)

Employees participating in our corporate Meditation programs will:

Exhibit greater productivity and higher performance

Acquire a more positive outlook

Have reduced absenteeism

Have more confidence in their decision making

Have more confidence in their presentations

Exhibit a greater sense of creativity and clarity

Develop strong leadership skills

Handle stressful situations and business stress far better

Some more testimonials from happy clients

I’m so pleased with our sessions! I’m extremely grateful I have the opportunity to work with you each week. I appreciate your habit of revisiting my initial coaching goal statement (from weeks ago) so I stay focused on pursuing them. You’re very kind, supportive and extremely easy to talk to. I trust the confidentiality of our sessions and I look forward to seeing your smiling face each week on my tiny little phone screen. 🙂

I also value the homework you give me. The exercises are (mostly) concise and enjoyable, and are helping me chip away at unveiling the *new* me. I know you craft the homework to make sure it’s considerate of my time (uh, lack thereof), which helps me to maintain my practice – instead of procrastinating and brushing it off.

With your help, I’ve actually made some progress in 5 short weeks/sessions. I’ve begun to understand a couple of things more clearly – and because my awareness has been raised I know continued sessions and practice will help me dig even deeper to adjust my behavior:

  1. I see more clearly that my high level of stress comes from within me – a lot due to my interpretation of the situation. I have begun to check myself going into and coming out of stressful meetings/encounters. It’s not perfect, but I’m becoming more aware of how I feel and that I can control how I feel when working with especially political or unreasonable colleagues.
  2. Your relaxation exercises are wonderful for me – they slow me down, help me to go inside. These are the one thing I feel will help me achieve multiple goals I listed – stress release, executive presence, the strength of character, trust in myself and what I have to offer, etc.
  3. Admittedly, I have much more work to do in this area – but I’m just beginning to understand why I should value honest feedback from my colleagues over the fear I feel of the criticism.

I know our sessions won’t last forever (sigh), but the good news is that I have already started to feel some confidence in being able to continue my intra-personal growth on my own once we’re done. I’ve taken notes on all of our sessions and exercises and hold those with me. For now, I look very forward to the rest of our sessions and am hopeful for the production of much more growth and peace.

Thank you, Vibha!


In my work with clients, I seek to honour the individuality of each client and create a customized holistic plan based on your beliefs, unique preferences, goals, and intentions. I meet people where they are on their journey, and help them integrate simple holistic practices for lasting change. 

Start your inner journey and resurrect to your divine identity!

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These short meditations will help you relax, feel calmer or just to slow down!

When you want to feel relaxed and need to change your state of being to more peaceful and calm in the middle of the day or anytime.

These 2-3-5 Minutes Mini Meditations will help you calm your nerves in the middle of a busy schedule or before you need to work on something important!

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