Personal Transformation Coaching: Life Purpose

Life Purpose Coaching

One of the main reasons that many people are unsatisfied in life and do not live in alignment with their highest purpose is because of the stories they tell themselves and others about their life and who they are. They tend to tell themselves stories of limitation, stories of the bad things that happened to them, and stories of the way they are “supposed” to live and what they “should” do, rather than tell the story of their potential, the gifts they’ve been given, and the dreams in their heart. 

You have everything you need within you to become all that you were meant to be.

Welcome to your Purpose Quest

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Course Curriculum

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Personality Quiz
How to Develop Your Passion (and Why Purpose is Better)
Identifying Your Talents and Skills
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Clarifying Your Purpose
Adjusting the Workshop to Meet Your Audience’s Needs
Benefits of Free or Discounted
Effective PowerPoint
Identifying Your Target Audience
Introducing Yourself
Laser Coaching
Laser Speak
Offering Different Lengths of This Workshop
Overcoming Stage Fright
Life Story Activity
Selling from the Stage
Timing and Location
Enhance Engagement with Videos and Worksheets
Workshop Types and Lengths
Writing the Next Chapter