Personal Transformation Coaching: Forgiveness

Forgiveness Coaching

While it may be true that bad things happened and that you were hurt, however, the truth is that the pain and other repercussions you experience in your life now have nothing to do with the original situation. The pain and limitation you experience only exist because of the emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that you CHOOSE to continue to carry around with you because you are holding onto resentment of these past events.

What is the ultimate goal of forgiveness? Personal freedom! Freedom from the prison you are held in. Freedom from the weight of the baggage you carry. Freedom from the poison from resentment. Freedom from the limitations you place on your life by orchestrating your life around making someone pay or avoiding someone. Free from the emotional energy you spend on pain, suffering, hate, jealousy, guilt, blame, shame, or self-loathing.

You hold the key to your freedom! You can absolutely release yourself from these burdens, feel happy and whole, and create a brilliant future.

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Course Curriculum

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Unworthiness and Success
Aging and Unfolding
From Criticism to Compassion
From Selfishness to Generosity
Practicing Forgiveness
Face the Stakes
Celebrating Forgiveness
Presumption and Listening
Epilogue and What's Next