We live in a society that loves achievement, qualifications, status and success. Many people work themselves extremely hard to get there – ignoring what their bodies and minds are telling them.

By early adulthood, we’ve developed a story—a narrative script we tell ourselves and others about what happened in our past, how the world works, and who we are. Our brain uses this story like a blueprint to make sense of the world—to predict, evaluate, react to, and control our lives.

Most of the time, in ordinary life we start out living a normal, everyday life, everything is familiar and comfortable until we feel the stirrings of dissatisfaction or unease. Something happens that wakes us up to the fact that something is wrong.

While it may be true that bad things happened and that you were hurt, however, the truth is that the pain and other repercussions you experience in your life now have nothing to do with the original situation. The pain and limitation you experience only exist because of the emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that you CHOOSE to continue to carry around with you because you are holding onto resentment of these past events.

In this coaching program, we’ll assess your current situation, where you are, and where you want to go in terms of all the aspects of your life.

One of the main reasons that many people are unsatisfied in life and do not live in alignment with their highest purpose is because of the stories they tell themselves and others about their life and who they are. They tend to tell themselves stories of limitation, stories of the bad things that happened to them, and stories of the way they are “supposed” to live and what they “should” do, rather than tell the story of their potential, the gifts they’ve been given, and the dreams in their heart.