Turn Within

Book by Vibha Sharma

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (KJV)

People think that they cannot have a spiritual life if they have to become successful in their professional and personal life. This thinking is far from reality. The reality is you enjoy your life more when you connected with the spirit inside, your formless self, your eternal self. A ‘missing link’ that everybody is looking for.

Book Turn Within - Vibha Sharma

About Vibha Sharma

The author that wrote Turn Within is none other than Vibha Sharma. She is the founder and a Holistic Spiritual Life Coach, Corporate Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Coach at Cosmicways Holistic Life Coaching and San Francisco Chapter Chairperson for Mindfulness, All Ladies League USA. The latter is the world’s largest international chamber and a global movement for the welfare, wealth, and wellbeing of its female members and the one that empowers leadership in women. Vibha is also a Global Goodwill Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA. 

On an everyday basis, Vibha Sharma offers Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Coaching, Customized Guided Meditation Sessions, and Mindfulness Workshops.

About the Book

Turn within: Reconnect With Your Inner Peace and well-being.

This book is about the beginning of my spiritual quest, learning, practising, having Vision, and the life purpose of teaching everybody how to connect with inner peace through meditation.

This book is for you if:

  • You live your life like on a hamster wheel and don’t have time to address feelings of discomfort and always feel that something is missing.
  • You feel depressed, empty, and lonely and find it hard to face life’s challenges and turn to unhealthy habits and addictions to feel better for momentary pleasures.
  • You have achieved great success and are known to be very successful professionally, financially, socially but still feel lost and empty.
  • You want to have a more positive outlook on life.
  • You are looking for more balance irrespective of the uncertainties of life.
  • You want to deal with hostile people and situations staying in your power.
  • You want to be in control of your reactions and opinions in most judgmental and disturbing moments.
  • You are looking for a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Despite all the material success, people sometimes feel lost and miserable. People who are otherwise known as very successful in their lives suffer silently for years. Stress, depression, dissatisfaction all stem from a disconnection with our divine source, our life energy, and a loving Universe. 

Vibha wants to educate more and more people about the daily practice of the quiet time, stillness or centring to live a more peaceful life and solve everyday problems in their life connecting within. She is directing women, men, students, kids, professionals, and seniors to cultivate healthy inner life and emphasizing the importance of daily meditation.

Vibha’s Book Chapters

Here is a clear glimpse of the chapters from Turn Within that will give you an idea on the flow of the book.


Chapter 01

We are spiritual beings having human experiences. Life is not just about waking up every day, repeating the same routine, working at the same place.

Spirituality holds the answer

Chapter 02

The constant struggle, the constant search of finding happiness and the constant thought of being empty from the inside despite having everything needed to live happy and healthy life.

Spiritual Quest

Chapter 03

As the famous saying goes what you seek is seeking you, it evokes our senses that this world is a continuous process of a series of events occurring in chronological order.

Turn Within

Why Read It?

This book will serve the purpose of spreading awareness regarding meditation and the importance of connecting from within. We need to trace our lives back to connecting to our inner source to get to know the true essence of being alive.

 Readers will be able to realize that spirituality is pretty straightforward and practical, as well as it can be easily adapted to our everyday life.

 The book will show that spending some quiet time alone adjusts oneself to their inner world, harmony, and peace. Your feeling of self will extend as you experience life as a spiritual being appreciating humanity. You’ll reach your comprehension of what your life and the Universe are tied in with. Go beyond the disorder and turmoil to a condition of harmony and happiness. As you manufacture your self-esteem and sense of pride and develop your terms of delight and peace, you become eligible to receive more of them.


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Turn Within

The video is now available to give all the customers a clear idea of what to expect in the Turn Within book. Vibha Sharma, an expert in the field of advising inner happiness, writes a self-help book.

The book “Turn Within” by Vibha Sharma is a captivating read for those who want to understand the nature of spirituality and learn how to use your spiritual power to get better results in life. Thank you for the remarkable book, Vibha

Eve Voyevoda

I can only say that Vibha’s book “Turn Within” has opened my eyes, my heart and my ears and ultimately my mind to dig within a deeper meaning of my spiritual existence. I am pleasantly surprised with all the insights and breakthroughs I’ve achieved with reading ... Read More

Sofia Pacifico Reis

It’s worth every page, anyone who is seeking to find miraculous changes in their lives in the midst of all the chaos.. you will learn that all the answers & solution lies within us, we just need guides like Vibha Sharma to unveil the wisdom.

Ragini Sharma

This book is a great way to understand and connect with yourself. I gain insight into some things I need to work on in my life. I have a lot going but recognizing the power from within is a great way to help me to achieve my goals in life.

CJ Cadet

Vibha is an exceptional woman leader in the holistic coaching field. Her book Turn Within will guide you to inner peace and strength. It amplified my personal meditation practice and reminded me to always align my life and Konscous Konsulting projects with my purpose an... Read More

Karen Korponai

This book was a wonderful read…enlightening and thought-provoking. It helped me to rethink – and disrupt everything I think about “self”. It will point you in a new direction where meditation, enlightenment and self-awareness collide to accelerate your spiritual... Read More

Larisa Miller

Beautifully written book for those who already are on the spiritual path or want to embark on their personal spiritual path. This book keeps you engaged from the beginning to the end, with its simplicity of explanations for difficult subjects like spirituality.

Vidhima Shetty

This is one of the books to read and I love the name: TURN WITHIN. .Vibha has created a book filled with metaphysical thought teachings regardless of your religious beliefs. It is very inspiring and I look forward to the next chapters.


Do you feel as if you are walking through a fog in life? Do you seek an uncomplicated guide To find your path? This is your guide. I highly recommend this book. It is eloquently written. Vibha Sharma simplified complex thoughts to easily incorporate into your life.

Michelle A. Mras

Vibha Sharma’s book TURN WITHIN is a very well written, comprehensive, and thought-provoking work of art. You can tell she is well versed in her expertise and her words truly make you want to turn within.

Minette Wong

Turn within provides beautiful insight and guidance for your own individual (as well as collective) spiritual growth, healing and journey. Vibha’a style of writing is welcoming, enticing and encouraging along the way.

Jan T

Turn Within by Vibha Sharma is a beautiful, eloquent read. Vibha distils the teachings of the law of attraction, meditation, and inner purpose into clear and insightful can do steps.

Naomi A.

An excellent way to get back in touch with your true being.


Turn Within has sparked a desire in me to take my inner self to the next level and find the answers I have been seeking to know my true self. This book as given me another perspective and insight in my daily life and spiritual practice.

Lauri T.

This woman has a gift. Every word on the pages aligns with her light within. If you are at a point in your life where you are trying to find or harness your spiritual power, this is a must-read.

Wong D

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