Minette Wong

Vibha Sharma’s book TURN WITHIN is a very well written, comprehensive, and thought-provoking work of art. You can tell she is well versed in her expertise and her words truly make you want to turn within.

Michelle A. Mras

Do you feel as if you are walking through a fog in life? Do you seek an uncomplicated guide To find your path? This is your guide. I highly recommend this book. It is eloquently written. Vibha Sharma simplified complex thoughts to easily incorporate into your life.


This is one of the books to read and I love the name: TURN WITHIN. .Vibha has created a book filled with metaphysical thought teachings regardless of your religious beliefs. It is very inspiring and I look forward to the next chapters.

Vidhima Shetty

Beautifully written book for those who already are on the spiritual path or want to embark on their personal spiritual path. This book keeps you engaged from the beginning to the end, with its simplicity of explanations for difficult subjects like spirituality.

Larisa Miller

This book was a wonderful read…enlightening and thought-provoking. It helped me to rethink – and disrupt everything I think about “self”. It will point you in a new direction where meditation, enlightenment and self-awareness collide to accelerate your spiritual, mental and physical health.