What is a life coach?
A life coach is a professional that works closely with people to help them live their lives to the fullest potential. We help people identify, set, and achieve goals in any aspect of their lives, including personal, romantic, family, interpersonal, or business.
Who needs a life coach?
Anyone that wants to take control over their life would benefit from a life coach. Many successful people have had assistance and help to achieve the success you see. Changing old habits and achieving goals can be a challenge, having someone hold your hand through the process can help you get there much more efficiently.
How would a life coach help improve my life?
Have you ever thought you wanted to have someone that understands you, and you could trust, share, and consult for advice? A life coach is all that and more, helping, encouraging, and pushing you to achieve your goals. You will be surprised how much potential you have!
In what areas would a life coach be able to help me?

I work with virtually every aspect of one’s life, from internal to external, personal to business related. Some examples are

  • business success
  • conflict resolution
  • romantic
  • weight management
  • career coaching
  • financial coaching
  • communication skills
  • public speaking
  • self confidence, happiness
  • resolving addictions
  • stress management, productivity
But my issues are personal..
I understand, it can be difficult to talk about sensitive areas of your life. Your personal information is safe with me. As a professional, I am committed to keeping all information about you that I’m aware of, confidential.
Is a life coach a therapist?
A life coach and therapist are two different professionals. A life coach is more focused on identifying goals and bringing you success in the present moment. We do not focus on the past to resolve issues, like therapists may.