Guided Meditation Sessions

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 “Man is this wonderful temple in which all the work takes place and the outer world is only a projection of the work done within himself.”-Neville

The internet is replete with many, many guided meditation recordings. Hit the download button, and a fresh MP3 lands right on your computer. However, this easy access doesn’t mean that everyone’s meditating. We know that very few people actually meditate. Beginning and novice meditators are especially prone to starting and stopping meditation practice, never really finding a steady routine that would result in the benefits they seek.

Even if they try to meditate their mind easily wanders away totally forgetting about paying attention to the recording. Most of the recordings, lack power to keep the meditator centered who are usually beginners . With the commitment to attend live meditation and being with live meditation instructor you can easily develop the habit of just being present for the meditation for the entire time and achieve magical results.

If you are committed to attending in-person meditation sessions with a meditation instructor, you can easily develop the meditation habit and achieve focus, clarity, and other magical results from your practice.

I am committed to helping beginners and novice meditators learn how to fully engage their meditation practice.  For daily, biweekly, or weekly meditation sessions, please reach out and contact me by email at

 “Be still and know that I AM God” [Psalm 46:10].

  Personal Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation is essentially using the power of the imagination to address and alter energy present in you – such as repressed frustration, sadness or tension. The power of the mind is such that working through tensions in the imaginative realm yields real-life changes. As you imagine the happiest moment of your life, your brain reacts by increasing serotonin production. Your imagination literally changed the physical world! Guided meditation operates on this principle, that you can truly stop reacting to your reactions – and you can dictate how you want to live!

With the rise of the Internet and YouTube, one choosing to start meditation can surely find an abundance of recorded meditations to follow. The fault in this is that you are essentially dealing with a “cookie-cutter” meditation, not one tailored for your unique and beautiful self. You yourself differ from every other person on earth!

This is not to say that one can’t find benefits in a recorded meditation – but many more avenues open up with a personal, 1-on-1 guided meditation tailored specifically for you.

It’s also common for eager meditators to start strong but taper off their routine, as old lifestyle routines pop up and take up meditation opportunities. With a personal guide, a regular schedule becomes much easier to follow!

I offer beginner and novice meditators true personalized meditation instruction, based off of intuition and what you allow me to know about yourself. I offer daily, biweekly or weekly meditation sessions.

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