Teaching Kids The Art of Mental Relaxation and Centering through Guided Imagery!

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Dalai Lama

Implementing meditation into a child’s life can yield far-reach benefits.

Guided meditation means that the children use the power of their imagination to work through tensions and discover a deeper layer of themselves – using visualizations and breathing techniques.

When children begin to meditate, they show decreased anxiety, improved confidence, enhanced creativity and focus, and improved anger-management skills. It also helps improve relationships with parents and friends. More importantly, children who experience an inner knowledge can resolve their tensions – meaning they don’t carry numerous negative emotional charges into their adulthood. The results can be truly life-changing in the literal sense.

Specially designed meditations and exercises based on the works of Deborah Rozman, Maureen Murdock, Sarah Wood, Peggy J. Jenkins, and Lori Lite (Creator of Children’s Stress Awareness Curriculum).

Benefits of Meditation for Kids and Teens:

  • More Confidence and Sense of Inner well being
  • Better Sleep and Ability to Relax
    Improved Concentration, Memory and Listening Skills
  • More Mental Strength, Alertness
    Improved Self-Esteem and Self Awareness
  • Ability to Cope with Stresses of Life including Exams
  • Enhanced Creativity and Imagination

In today’s world kids are more stressed than ever. The world we’re in now is moving very fast.  No one is taking the time to talk to these kids about slowing down or about what they’re missing. Challenges such as peer pressure, academic achievement, self-image and fitting in can be overwhelming. Our kids can learn to cope with these pressures, fears and unresolved issues through the art of relaxing and centering.Many schools and parents throughout America are discovering the benefits of mental relaxation and guided imagery and the associated healing effects on body, mind and spirit.

Similar to the techniques of visualization used by Olympic athletes, these methods reduce test anxiety, build positive peer relationships and enhance anger management skills, improve relationships with friends, parents and siblings. Child therapists use these techniques to help raise children’s self esteem, relax in stress situations, calm down at bedtime, and help prepare for tests and sports events.  These techniques are specially designed for kids of different age groups from first to twelfth grade kids.

Teaching kids the art of Mental Relaxation and centering though Guided Imagery is a way to relieve the stressful environment our children must deal with every day.

Through meditation/guided imagery exercises we can successfully address their fears and unresolved issues they have. It can be simply closing your eyes, counting your breaths and listening to the wind, feeling your hear beat or just sitting quietly while you journey to wondrous places.
Students who’ve learned to meditate in school say they’ve learned to control their emotions before tests and big sporting events, even during fights with parents and siblings, by simply pausing and slowing their breathing.

The Relaxation and Meditation Exercises, include simple Breathing Exercises, Visualizations, Affirmations and “Feel Good “ stories specially designed to empower kids by raising their self esteem, confidence, wellness and teach them how to breath and relax in stressful situations. We can introduce these programs to kids as young as three year old as well as teenagers.

Most people are curious about a child’s ability to meditate. Many adults can’t seem to find the time nor have the patience, so people wonder how could a child sit still long enough to meditate? Remarkably, children love to meditate. Meditation allows children to use their creative imagination without limitation.

Learning The Art of
Concentration And Centering

An awareness enrichment program specifically designed with fun filled relaxation/meditation exercises for children of different age groups based on extensive research work and popular, proven techniques

  • To help children learn- How to quieten and relax themselves
  • Develop better concentration
  • Improve memory skills
  • Enhance creativity, awareness, imagination
  • And Positive  Self-Image
  • Increase Self Expression
  • Greater Self Reliance
  • Get Along Better
  • Sleep Better.

These meditations and guided imagery exercises are designed to engage children while introducing them to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques. Relaxation strategies such as progressive muscle relaxation and visual imagery are extremely effective treatment components for reducing stress and anxiety in children. Research shows that mindful meditation calms the brain, inspires creativity and enhances cognitive and social-emotional skills. Practiced regularly, these exercises can have a profound effect on children’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

As we move on, I introduce them to more advanced meditations and exercises according to their understanding and age group.

Careful selection of various meditations for different age groups are available under the following categories:

1. Tuning into your own station
2. Learning with all senses
3. Improving skills through imagery
4. Making self expression easy
5. Positive self image
6. Inner and outer harmony
7. Entering adolescence
8. Quest for identity

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By teaching our children art of centering we can provide them with an invaluable tool to assist them in the art of “living well”.

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“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

- Gandhi