About Me

My name is Vibha Sharma, I am a certified life coach, reiki practitioner, and specialist in the field of meditation and guided imagery. I provide life coaching and guided meditation sessions to women, kids, seniors, and professionals (via corporate meditation program) to be able to live a better life filled with purpose, clarity, and control.

Originally from India, I was raised in a family where we were taught the spiritual side of life from a very early age. I always saw my parents reading spiritual books and attending spiritual discourses, lectures, and gatherings and thus introduced to a deeper side of life from early childhood. I have been an avid reader of spiritual books and self-help books since childhood, and it has undoubtedly shaped who I am today. For the last 12 years, I have been fascinated with the practice of mind expansion and meditation.

My day starts with contemplating, reading and meditation. After waking up, I spend some quiet time alone to align myself with my inner world. During this quiet period at the beginning of the day, I sometimes get “clear messages” to carry the idea to practice for the day. I have noticed as long as I remain with the idea or practice, I feel very peaceful and calm. Sometimes a message from my reading material catches my eye and I immediately take note of it. These notes help me immensely whenever I need clarity and direction. I collect them for easy access and to use them with my clients.

I am very passionate about holistic life coaching and teaching people the art of meditation for leading a peaceful and spirit-centered life.

University of Delhi, India.
B.Sc, M.A , 1994

American University of NLP
Certified Master Life Coach, 2012

Renaissance Training Academy, London/UK
Certificate of Training in Life Coaching, 2016

Certificate of Reiki Master and Teacher, 2010

Rodasi Realm School of Alternate Healings, India
Certificate of Reiki Healing Level II, 2006

Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLA
Mindful Awareness Course Level II, 2015

Self Realization Fellowship
www.yogananda-srf.org, 2009

– Vibha